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How do you propagate your online website far and wide without spending much money? Well directory submission is an online marketing and an SEO technique that is not going to be any bit expensive. Let me show how this works.

The manner it works is that these directories usually have a broad scope of categories which are listed. You need to choose the specific class and category which suits your business the best. The online directory submission requires us to comply with certain procedures and guide lines to ensure a place in it. What are the advantages in submitting our details with these directories?

The advantages are,

  • Get more results for minimal input
  • Instant indexing by robots
  • Website ranking enhancement
  • Access to a traffic base
  • Relevant traffic results in sales
  • Better conversion rates
  • Can beat competition

Manual directory submission process starts with the selection of the appropriate niche specific web directory followed by searching and making sure that the website’s URL has not been previously submitted to the directory. This is because multiple submissions are not appreciated by directories.

After digging into the directory and getting to the right category an email contact has to be established followed by filling up of the directory submission form. Once the website is submitted and approved the submission has to be again verified and one must confirm enlistment. If not listed one might have to repeat the submission process. While manual submissions take time there is automated directory submission software that has its advantages and disadvantages.

Outsourcing of your directory submission project to SEO professionals is always a good option especially when you don’t have the time and resources for it. Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a US based BPO company that offers affordable services like, search engine optimization, directory submission services, SEO Marketing, SEO Copywriting Services, Pay Per Click Search Engine Advertising, and search engine marketing.

Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal, the President of OSI, has a wealth of experience as a healthcare business consultant in the United States. He has a keen understanding of current medical billing and coding standards.

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