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SEO Services Can Help Doctor Owned Practices Cut Operating CostsA study by the MGMA (Medical Group Management Association) and ACMPE (American College of Medical Practice Executives) found that physician owned practices spend more than hospital owned practices, mainly a result of the economies of scale that the latter enjoy. However, the researchers also found that in physician owned practices operating expenses had risen at a much lower rate than in hospital owned practices. This, says the study, is a clear indication that individual physicians with private practices have a tighter control on their operational costs.

How are physicians managing to control their operating costs and survive adverse economic conditions? Experts say the answer can be found in well-managed organic SEO campaigns and the adoption of the right social media optimization tactics.

Most people now utilize online search to find a physician or the medical information they need. This is driving individual physicians with private practices to establish their online presence using effective SEO strategies instead of going in for expensive paid internet advertising and PPC campaigns or traditional forms of advertising on billboards, print media, radio, and television. This strategy is helping to bring down their operational costs quite effectively. Most practices opt to outsource their SEO tasks to a reliable medical SEO company. Services provided include:

  • Organic SEO: organic SEO helps doctor owned practices to get noticed online. A reliable service provider will provide complete web analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, search engine ranking reports, and more. Every strategy is designed to help drive targeted traffic to the medical websites.
  • Social media optimization: Social media optimization strategies are provided to help physicians interact with peers and patients. This helps them share information through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and more via blog posts, articles, link exchange, reviews, and more. Well organized social media optimization goes a long way in attracting potential patients.
  • Reputation management: Professional web marketing for healthcare also involves reputation management to safeguard a doctor’s online reputation. Negative impressions can result in loss of patients. Managing information to be relevant and up to date and generating positive impressions about the doctor’s practice ensure higher search engine result page ranking.

Outsourcing online marketing to a competent medical SEO service provider will ensure the use of ethical white hat SEO techniques to help physicians achieve their goals in a cost-effective way and lower their operational costs.