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In April 2007 the world’s top SEO leaders (about forty of the best) got together and voted on what they thought are the factors that affect a web page/ site’s page rank. The result of this has been since a great valuable resource for the seo communities. It is available as an article as it appeared then on the website and can be accessed at

Remember this is not a document that attempts to reverse-engineer Google’s algorithm, nor does it attempt to inform web developers or marketers about how to optimize their sites. But yes, it is SEO wisdom of the highest order indeed.

The contributors rated each factor on a scale of 1 – 5:

  • Does Not Influence Ranking
  • Fractionally Weighted
  • Some Importance
  • Moderately Weighted
  • Strongly Weighted

For the negative factors, it was:

  • Does not inhibit crawling nor harm rankings
  • Slightly detrimental to crawling/rankings
  • Somewhat detrimental to crawling/rankings
  • Moderately detrimental to crawling/rankings
  • Strongly detrimental to crawling/rankings

Though many of the 200 + factors have not been included into this study it sure does make up over 90% of the Google’s algorithm factors at least for some more time to come. So if you haven’t seen it yet, click that link above.

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