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One of the most successful SEO/SEM worldwide conferences has been the SES (Search Engine Strategies) Conferences that have been active since 1998. SES is the leading global conference & expo series that educates the participants on search engine marketing (SEM), including search engine optimization (SEO), advertising strategies, tactics and industry’s best practices.

Take a look at the SES advisory board at

Here is the events calendar for the coming year 2008.

SES Paris Forum Jan 15-16, 2008 –

SES San Francisco Search Training Feb 7, 2008 –

SES London Conference & Expo Feb 19-21, 2008 –

SES London Search Training Feb 22, 2008 –

SES New York Conference & Expo Mar 17-20, 2008 –

SES Hamburg Forum Apr 10-11, 2008 –

SES Tokyo Forum Apr 2008 –

SES Denver Search Training May 6, 2008 –

SES Milan Forum May 27-28, 2008 –

SES Toronto Conference & Expo Jun 17-18, 2008 –

SES San Jose Conference & Expo Aug 18-21, 2008 –

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