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Social Media Interaction Can Improve Healthcare QualitySocial media is not new anymore in the ever evolving quick world. Its impact in medicine is still being studied. It being a global phenomenon, helping people interact closely on a myriad of issues irrespective of their location is becoming more common. It is the most sought-after advertising medium and seems to have overtaken traditional channels such as TV, radio and print media. Slowly but surely the healthcare industry is now realizing the valuable benefits of utilizing social media to improve the quality of care.

A recent study conducted by HIT Lab ( ‘Do Patients “Like” Good Care? Measuring Quality via Facebook’ published in the American Journal of Medical Quality, the number of Facebook ‘Likes’ the hospital gets can serve as an indication of hospital quality and patient satisfaction. Social media sites have already proved advantageous for patients with rare conditions to share health-related information among themselves. Healthcare providers should now analyze data from Facebook and other social media platforms to build their services and improve quality and delivery of care.

Implementing effective social media optimization (SMO) in healthcare requires a professional approach. The best option is to find an experienced and knowledgeable healthcare business process outsourcing company that provides customized medical SEO solutions. Someone who understands the importance of HIPAA and patient privacy with the knowledge that is necessary to effectively run a good campaign is absolutely needed. Using well-planned SMO strategies such as podcasting, image submission, article submission, forum management, press releases, social bookmarking, and multimedia sharing on Web 2.0 sites, a professional SEO company can effectively manage your campaign. Safely and strategically optimizing a healthcare facility’s social media presence on Facebook, Twitter MySpace, LinkedIn, Technorati,, Digg, Flickr is needed. Analysis of patient feedback expressed on these sites can help healthcare providers to enhance the quality of care to drive demand and revenue.

Do not hold back, make sure you pick the right company and get started. Already many healthcare facilities are pushing forward in the area. As they say “better late than never”.