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The basis of viral marketing lies in the distribution of product information that can be somehow incorporated into the communication between people. This marketing strategy has great impact on marketing products or services where customers are treated as distribution partners. In viral marketing, each customer acts as an agent, passing information to another and this process acts like a chain in a manner similar to the spreading of viruses.

The idea behind viral marketing is to pass information, build brand awareness, make a call-to action, and increase sales by attracting more customers. It is better than any other traditional marketing technique because information is spread around the world within a limited period of time.

Viral marketing, sometimes called as word-of-mouth, encapsulate the essence of multi-level marketing and applies its features to all customers, especially to end users. As Internet and Intranet applications go beyond computation to embrace communication technology, the viral marketing idea has gained wide applicability. Soon, it became the favorite marketing strategy for small and large scale industries in online and offline business. Companies employ various viral marketing ideas such as creating e-books, video tips, games sections, business campaigns, marketing communities, creating anticipation, etc.

Nowadays, Internet is the primary choice for viral marketing. Internet based viral marketing, known as viral Internet marketing, has become more popular and everyone benefits from its unique features such as cost-effectiveness, easily executable the marketing campaign, fine targeting, and rapid response rate. Forum marketing, blog marketing, email Internet marketing, article – blog marketing, and online advertising campaign are the part of viral Internet marketing.