The Concept Of Online Viral Marketing

by | Last updated Apr 3, 2023 | Published on Feb 3, 2007 | Medical Outsourcing

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The basic idea behind viral marketing is to find new customers. Also known as viral advertising or word-of-mouth marketing, it is an online marketing strategy that brings on Internet users to propagate your marketing messages to others through an electronic media. This marketing strategy exploits the rapid multiplication of business messages from one to many people and spreads like virus.

For any business scandal, the public is more cynical about advertising, public relations and product claims. Viral marketing also focuses on the public with the concept of making your service or products to come up in customer’s conversations. It encapsulates the basic principles of a multi-level marketing and the capability of applying its unique features to all customers. With well defined viral marketing strategy, one can get best possible online presence and benefits like easy-to-execute marketing campaigns, fine targeting, cost-effectiveness, and fast response rate. It is also possible to utilize Internet based marketing campaigns like amateur websites, blogs, and free resources.

Moreover, viral marketing is applicable to many advertising needs, such as messaging, e-commerce, groupware, and promotion businesses.

Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal, the President of OSI, has a wealth of experience as a healthcare business consultant in the United States. He has a keen understanding of current medical billing and coding standards.

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