The Power of Viral Marketing

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Viral marketing is a very powerful and low-cost method of marketing a product or message to a consumer. Viral marketing is an online marketing concept very much in vogue today. Having gained popularity in recent years, viral marketing gets its name from its action similar to that of a virus. The method of viral marketing is to infect one person with your marketing idea, who will then spread the news to someone else, thereby infecting them. Thus it will pass to the next person and spread to as many people as possible, basically by word of mouth. This technique keeps a group of consumers as advocates for a brand or product, spreading the name of that product like a virus to as many people as possible.

The main power of viral marketing is that if visitors find something interesting in your web site, they will pass it to their friends. It is a strong method of marketing. Most of the time what is being passed does not appear to be advertising at all. Viral marketing has gained popularity with Hotmail, a web based e-mailing service. This free email service spread rapidly because every message that went out through Hotmail had an offer for the recipient to receive a free email account.

Viral marketing has tremendous power, when compared to third-party advertising. It is like an indirect support from a friend. It is clearly an advertisement, and can spread out marketing benefits much more powerful than other media advertising. There are different types of viral marketing. The most interesting among them is called undercover viral marketing. This type of marketing occurs when people do not know what they are marketing. The main goal of this method is to make people talk about the products. Another type of viral marketing is affected through reality games. All these powerful viral marketing techniques can hugely contribute to success in online marketing strategies.

Rajeev Rajagopal

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