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One of the best things about the world of Web 2 and blogging etc, I think, is that the world today is becoming more transparent and so interlinked that one wonders if the Internet has responsibly made man more social and more interactive. Inspite of terrorism and other online crimes that may also have grown, I see a future of social interaction caused by blogging that reconfirms the fact that man is more human and social than has been accepted. Blogging and social networking almost can satisfy the basic need of man to communicate effectively with the world without limitations in space and time.

However like in any system, one will have to follow certain rules of the game. I am just listing a few of the accepted rules of good blogging:

  • Try and be the best authority on your topic/area
  • Let your title be descriptive
  • Link to the industry experts/ leaders
  • Post frequently /daily
  • Use tables / lists / images, etc
  • Write such a way that even a new comer understands
  • Be one hundred percent truthful
  • Always credit the source
  • Support latest web standards
  • Use pyramid style
  • Use human voice / multimedia
  • Interact well with competitors
  • Apologize for mistakes instantly

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a US based company that offers services in Blog marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC advertising and content development for clients globally.