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A medical website is more than just letting people know you exist. It is about sharing educative information with potential patients, establishing a reputation, building a relationship, and gaining trust. A recent Pew Internet survey shows that 72% of internet users looked online for health information in the past year. Up to 31% of cell phone owners and 52% of Smartphone owners used their phone to look up health or medical information.

Healthcare content marketing is an important SEO strategy to improve your online visibility and reach the right audience. The content on your web pages as well as your blogs and social media posts plays a crucial role in establishing your practice’s individual brand and attracting the attention of search engines, which in turn, would lead prospective patients to your page. It is very important to choose your words wisely when creating content so that people are convinced about your sincerity.

People want to learn about your practice and get information about what you offer. The information that you provide should keep them informed so that they know what to expect and feel confident when they visit you. The type of content you provide and the words you use will impact how people view your services.

Industry experts advise that you should take care to avoid these phrases in your promotional content:

  • We will try to …..”: It’s important to realize that patients would never want you to try and experiment, but deliver results. Instead of saying “we strive to deliver”, say that “we deliver a high level of service and attention”. This will increase the patient’s confidence in choosing you.
  • With 10 years’ experience …..”: instead of this saying this, it would be better to talk about the benefits that your experience brings and say ‘Our experienced staff can answer all your questions’.
  • We understand …..”: Instead of telling patients that you understand their situation, tell them how you can treat their condition and about the effective options that are available.
  • Unique blend of …..”: Other physicians would also offer similar services, so it would be better to say how your practice is better.
  • We intend to …..”: Turn your words into positive action and instead of saying “we intend to make sure you have a positive experience’ say that “you will feel welcome and enjoy a comfortable experience”.
  • We would be honored …..”: When you say this, it’s more about what you feel and not about the benefits that patient derives. So it would be better to say “You’ll realize that you have made the right choice”.
  • Proven track record“: Don’t use this phrase unless you can support it with facts and figures.

A professional provider of doctor SEO services can help. In addition to well-written optimized content with relevant phrases and keywords to enhance your online visibility, an experienced company can provide a comprehensive range of solutions ranging from custom medical website development and design, link building services, and social media marketing to get qualified leads.