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One thing is for sure! Healthcare in this country is going to get better in the future than it is today. Even though there is a difference of opinion between the people in the US, as to whether there should be a Universal Health Care system in place or not. For the past few years this has been a core issue and has been a hot topic of discussion and debate. It will also influence voters to determine as to who is going to be the next American President.

There are some who believe that the term Universal Health Care itself has to be analyzed and defined well before using it. Anyway, what are the main factors that have to be looked into when we discuss our current healthcare system? Well, clearly they are,

  • Should every citizen have access to health care?
  • Control of medical expenses
  • Health care quality

Here are a few links I came across that discuss on whether to have a Universal healthcare system its pros and cons:

Take a look at the Barack Obama Health plan if you havent yet, at,
And here is the link to the Health Choice Plan from Hillary Clinton’s website,

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