Viral Marketing and the Presidential Campaign

by | Last updated Mar 29, 2023 | Published on Jan 15, 2008 | Medical Outsourcing

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Do you know what David Meerman Scott an online thought leadership and viral marketing strategist and the author of “The New Rules of Marketing & PR” has to say about Obama’s Presidential campaign? He says that the recent John Kerry’s endorsement of Barack Obama is the most significant marketing news in the 2008 US Presidential election. In Scott’s own words, “John Kerry brings an email list of millions names of supporters to the Obama campaign. This is huge news. What is absolutely amazing to me is that the vast majority of mainstream media have misunderstood the significance of this development from the marketing perspective.” For the full report go to

Last year when Obama and Ms Clinton were out raising funds for the 2008 democratic nomination campaign, Obama had managed to collect 10 million dollars more than Ms Clinton could and most of the credit must go to Obama’s viral marketing campaign. More than 10 million dollars of Obama’s second quarter contribution were made using the Internet with 90% of it made in increments of 100 dollars or less.

According to Obama’s revelation, the total number of people who had donated to him exceeded 258,000. One of Hillary Clinton’s envious strategists also mentioned about the advantageous buzz around Obama and his more “viral campaign”. Take a look at this article titled “Obama’s Viral Marketing Campaign” at,9171,1640402,00.html

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