Viral Marketing Campaigns

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In the current scenario, viral marketing plays an integral role in any branding campaign. Viral marketing is an advertising approach that creates an exponential growth in message passing, visibility and effect. Internet based viral marketing is becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons such as simplicity to execute the marketing campaign, cost-effectiveness, fine targeting, and rapid response rate.

Viral marketing campaigns are simply marketing strategies used to forward marketing messages to attract visitors to your web site. Viral marketing helps you to reach newer markets and access prospective customers globally.

Viral marketing can be categorized into two forms such as service based model and incentive based model. In service based model, a person has to forward the information about their brand products or the company to his or her friends in order to obtain the service. In the incentive based model, consumers are rewarded with cash, credit, or other gifts for spreading the information about the company. When compared to service based campaigns, an incentive based viral marketing campaigns costs more.

Some of the types of viral marketing campaign include:

  • E-mail marketing
  • Message boards
  • Discussion forums
  • Blog marketing
  • Writing articles
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Email signatures
  • E-books
  • Paid advertising
  • Free software
  • Assorted freebies

It is important to have a clear idea regarding what is to be promoted. All successful viral marketing campaigns promote one thing at a time. When so many options are available for marketing, choice of the correct tool is crucial in a viral marketing campaign.

Rajeev Rajagopal

Rajeev Rajagopal, the President of OSI, has a wealth of experience as a healthcare business consultant in the United States. He has a keen understanding of current medical billing and coding standards.

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