The success or failure of any dental practice depends on the number of patients visiting each day. If the number of new patients is increasing, it clearly indicates that the practice is growing and achieving financial growth. Most busy practices consider the support of professional dental billing companies to assist with their administrative tasks such as patient scheduling and claim submission. While such firms take care of dental insurance verification requirements and help manage the revenue cycle, there’s something more practices can do to attract new patients along with providing quality patient care.

Hire patient-friendly staff – No doubt, your staff’s attitude can leave a lasting impression on patients, especially new patients. Find time to train your employees properly in office manners, such as offering sincere greetings to each patient and meeting patient expectations. Reliable companies provide virtual office staffing solutions for the smooth running of your practice. While your staff will be busy dealing with dental office management tasks, a virtual assistant can improve dental front office efficiency in many ways.

Focus on proper patient scheduling – Proper patient appointment scheduling not only helps to ease the provider’s workflow but can also create a better patient experience. It can reduce delays and waiting times and thus improves patient retention as well. It can prove very helpful to hire the services of a medical billing company.

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Follow up with patients – Make sure to send out reminders to minimize no-shows for scheduled appointments. Patients often forget follow-up appointments. It is ideal to create a strategy to consistently follow up with patients about their progress and upcoming appointments. Following up via calls, emails or messages helps to enhance patient engagement and thus better revenue forecasting.

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Educate patients on financing options and co-pays – Not only treatment options, but patients must also be knowledgeable about the practice’s financing options and charges that insurance does not cover. Before providing treatment, let the patients know what their insurance would cover and discuss your financing options that could work for them. It is also important to establish clear payment policies for patients. Consider having a written financial policy for patients to understand their obligations. Proper awareness of the fee details and the patient’s co-pays or fees not covered by their insurance at the point of service will keep patients ready for making payments on time.

Ensure a clear claim submission process – Even minute errors in submitted claims can lead to claim denials or delay. Having a proper billing, coding and claim submission system can reduce errors such as insufficient information on the claim, data entry mistakes, assigning wrong diagnosis or procedure codes, not obtaining pre-certification or authorization, etc. Dental billing outsourcing to an experienced service provider is one of the best ways to handle the challenges associated with claim submission.

Perform patient eligibility verificationDental insurance verification can prevent claim denial. The process involves verifying the patient’s eligibility, and active benefits and coverage with the insurance company before procedures are done. Make sure to verify all key details such as treatment history, benefits used to date, type of plan and fee schedule, effective coverage dates, implant and orthodontic coverages, frequencies, limitations, and exclusions.

Take the effort to prevent claim denials – Assigning wrong codes for diagnosis and treatment can also lead to claim denials. Make sure that your coding staff has the proper understanding of the CDT and ICD code sets and are up to date with the coding changes and standards. Also, track claims, from claim submission to payment posting.

Invest in digital marketing – Online marketing strategies such as posting informative blogs and other unique content, social media marketing, PPC ad campaigns, local search engine optimization, review management, GMB (Google My Business) profile optimization etc. can improve your social presence and thus attract potential new patients. Unique and interactive content can position you as the expert in your speciality.

Implementing patient referral programs – Once your practice has gained patient loyalty, consider asking for referrals. If your existing patients refer their colleagues, friends, and family to your dental practice, offer them gifts. Send patient feedback emails and follow-up emails asking for referrals. Also, use your patient’s feedback to improve practice growth.

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