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Web syndication is defined as a form of syndication in which a section of a website is made available for other sites to use. There are millions of websites on the net and the Internet is growing by the minute. Searching for documents and web pages are indeed getting to be easier due to the continuous improvements by search engines like Google and the evolving digital technologies. However, it is said that only a fraction of documents are retrieved by the majority of people. The deeper pages make up the larger fraction and the person must have the skill to search the deep web and have access to it.

Web syndication is a great technique. Now everyone has their required information on websites/blogs etc delivered automatically. Usually the web feeds are made available by websites that allow web content to be sent out either for a fee or for free. Web feeds are data formats used for providing users with frequently updated content. Blog sites are frequently updated and syndication allows us to have access to it via these feeds. Thus if we have ten different places of interests, instead of going to each of these ten different sites everyday all one needs do is to subscribe to feeds from these different sites and we can access them all at one spot/page itself. This work of collecting all different feeds is done by aggregator applications that reside on remote servers and are typically available as web applications such as “Google Reader”. Here is a list of good feed aggregators;

You may wonder how it is that syndication helps SEO or search engine optimization? It’s quite simple. After syndication our content is on more than one website and so gets extra placements in the search engines because our content is published in different forms as articles, press releases, news, tips etc.

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