Website Content Development Checklist

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Website content writing is different from writing for media documents. For search engine optimized web content development, there are a number of things have to ensure every step is fine. There is the possibility of forgetting some small things during the development process. Having a checklist is the safest way to do SEO content development, however you are an experienced one may be. It makes sure you haven’t missed anything during the process.

Website content development checklist is prepared for step-by-step execution of website content development. Checklists can be either brief or detailed. Usually most content developer’s use a brief checkout and it comment if there is anything important left out. A check list

  • Makes sure that the page title is in place with proper keywords
  • Checks the header tags (title, description, and keywords)
  • Checks webpage template
  • Checks font size, graphics, content format
  • Checks image style, photo, etc.
  • Checks link building strategies
  • Checks and reviews the web contents
  • Checks sub menus and headings
  • Checks for active errors in website contents

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