Medical Website SEO – More Business and More Customers

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Case Studies | 0 comments

A 6000 square foot healthcare practice in Brooklyn, NY, focuses on providing superior patient care combining multiple specialties such as neurology, physical therapy, pain management and chiropractic care. The center has been our client for more than 3 years.


The healthcare practice approached us with the belief that we could do the following for them:

  • Make their website more search engine compatible
  • Give them an edge over their competitors in the Brooklyn area in NY
  • Increase the number of visitors to their website
  • Increase their sales conversions and ROI


The team at Outsource Strategies International set about keyword optimizing, reworking existing web content and developing new content. The web page content was also made more interesting and readable so that viewers would be encouraged to do business with the company. Sub-headings with competitive keywords were added. The website blog was frequently updated with fresh content. Extensive off-page optimization was also performed to supplement the on-page tweaking.


Searches for the keywords “physical therapy”, “spinal decompression” and “pain management” returned the client on the first page of Google for the location “Brooklyn.” More customers were calling the center to enquire about their services and also to schedule consultations. As the multi-specialty practice was now getting more patients, it was also making more profit. Owing to the positive outcomes that OSI has created for the client, the practice continues to use our SEO services.