Medical Transcription Companies – Reliable and Cost-effective Services

Medical Transcription Companies – Reliable and Cost-effective Services

With increase in demand for maintaining accurate patient files, the number of medical transcription companies that offer reliable and cost-effective medical transcription services has also increased. Medical transcription companies can help your healthcare practice in every stage of the medical transcription process – right from dictation capture to document distribution.

Hiring the support of a medical transcription company helps you to get digitalized documentation with perfect accuracy. Other benefits include saving the money spent on daily transcribing needs, eliminating overhead costs, improving overall revenue and focusing more on your core activities by increasing efficiency in patient care.

Most of the medical transcription companies can provide superior quality, accurate, reliable and cost-effective medical transcription services. They have a team of professionals experienced in handling your transcription requirements, well-versed in using the latest software and having proper knowledge about medical terminologies.

Reliable and cost-effective medical transcription companies can undertake the transcription of various medical reports including operative reports, cardiology reports, patient discharge summaries, history and physical examination reports, chart notes, medical evaluations, emergency room reports, peer reviews, x-ray reports, psychiatric evaluations and many more.

Services offered by medical transcription companies include:

  • Automated electronic report distribution
  • 99% accuracy with good audio
  • 3 levels of quality assurance
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Confidentiality of data
  • 24X7 customer service
  • Document flow management system
  • Electronic medical record solution
  • Web-based file transfer
  • Flexible dictation options
  • Availability of full work-flow modules
  • Secured file transfer
  • Quick turnaround time

With so many medical transcription companies in the field, it is quite challenging for you to choose the best firm that meet your transcription needs. Still, there are ways to find out whether a firm will work well with you or not. Years of experience, guaranteed turnaround time, HIPAA compliance and skill set of the employees are crucial factors that can help you decide whether you will receive accurate, reliable and cost-effective medical transcription services.

Medical Transcription Companies – An Overview

Medical transcription companies offer transcription for a wide range of medical records including diagnostic details, physical reports, patient history, laboratory summaries, consultation notes, surgical summaries, test reports, referrals, follow-up letters, death summaries, X-ray reports and medical examination. Their services are available to all medical specialties including cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, internal medicine, gastroenterology, radiology, chiropractic and podiatry.

With the increase in demand for medical transcription services, there has also been an equally rapid growth in the number of medical transcription companies. A medical transcription company that provide excellent medical transcription services can help increase your productivity, reduce costs of operation, and improve your office efficiency.

Prior to selecting a medical transcription company, it is necessary to consider the following factors –

  • Years of experience: The first feature to look for when selecting a medical transcription company is the amount of experience the transcription company has.
  • Quick turnaround time: You want to ensure that you get efficient processing. Check the turnaround time the provider guarantees. Companies that are proficient should deliver all documents within 12-24 hours.
  • 24 hour customer service: Make sure that the company you look for provides excellent customer service to you whenever you need it.
  • Professionals at work:  Ensure that the selected transcription company is a professional one. Also make sure that they have a good team of experts comprising experienced transcriptionists, proofreaders, editors and quality analysts, who have excellent knowledge in the medical field, especially in medical terminology that is used.
  • Multi-level checks: All medical reports need to pass multilevel checks by professionals, in order to prevent errors.
  • Flexibility of dictation options: Ensure that the company provides flexible dictation options convenient to the healthcare professionals.
  • HIPAA compliance: Ensure that the transcription firms follow HIPAA norms and regulations, thus offering guaranteed security of patient‘s health related information and provide strict confidentiality of data.

Considering all these factors, try to choose a reputable company that has been offering quality services for medical practices.

Medical Transcription Service – HIPAA Compliant

Medical transcription service that is HIPAA compliant helps save money, time, relieves workload and addresses all safety concerns. With the ever-growing number of patients, it might not always be possible for healthcare entities to cater to the needs of patients and simultaneously maintain their numerous medical records. Doctors who are incessantly stressed out and always run short of time will appreciate the benefits offered by such a service.

Well established and reputable outsourcing companies undertake all medical transcription related work and process the work focusing on quality and standard. They comply with HIPAA rules and regulations. Patients’ medical records are kept confidential and privacy is respected at all times. The transcribed data is output in electronic format (text). The file is encrypted and sent via secure FTP to prevent any leakage of data.

Professional medical transcriptionists transcribe a wide range of medical records ranging from clinic notes, office notes, x-ray reports to emergency room notes, pathology reports and laboratory reports. In order to manage large quantities of work, outsourcing companies utilize state-of-the-art equipment and software to address the issue effectively.

A high level of accuracy is maintained as all the processed work is scrutinized by proofreaders and editors. Quality analysts further check the work and ensure that the work meets the required standards. Most of the medical transcription companies guarantee 99% error free transcribed work.

Hiring the services of a medical transcription company would be a cost-effective option. Turnaround time (TAT) is less because the large number of dedicated staff and professionals in the field carry out the work on a 24/7 basis.

HIPAA compliant medical transcription service from reliable transcription companies carries a number of advantages.  Healthcare entities including individual physicians can rest assured that their patient documents are safe in the hands of trustworthy transcription service providers, and focus more on patient care.

Reliable Medical Transcription Provider

The focus of the government has been on ‘good health for all’ in the recent times. This has substantially increased the number of people flocking to healthcare centers for check ups and treatment. Needless to say, medical professionals find maintaining of all medical records near to impossible amidst all the added tasks. Medical transcription services have helped to ease the daily maintenance of medical records to a great extent. Medical professionals outsource the transcription work to a reliable medical transcription provider for regular updating of all medical records.

Accurate Transcription of Medical Records

The medical transcription companies follow stringent guidelines laid down by HIPAA to provide quality service. They hire experts in the fields of transcription, editing, proof checking as well as quality analyzing. These people work as a dedicated team to deliver good quality work within a short period of time. They scrutinize the documents afterward to ensure 99% accuracy. The documents have to pass a series of checks for greater accuracy and better quality. The team of workers is familiar with medical methods and terminology used and hence their work is error-free.

Cost Saving Superior Quality Service

Medical transcription companies offer their services at very affordable rates to medical professionals. If you keep in mind the added savings in terms of recruiting and maintaining a larger staff, spending on office resources and specific software, then you will be in a better position to appreciate the savings in terms of cost. Of course there is huge saving in terms of time and effort too as this time can be used to concentrate on other issues.

When you outsource your transcription work to a reliable medical transcription provider you can be assured about good quality work being delivered within a day. Such a provider will guarantee total security to your files that are sent via secure websites and are easily retrievable.

Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Gain Maximum Benefits

The modern trend of outsourcing has really caught on in the medical field due to the increased workload of medical professionals. People are becoming more health conscious and flocking to the healthcare units more often than before. Healthcare units need to maintain all patient records on a regular basis but are struggling to keep up with the daily work. This has prompted most healthcare units and medical professionals to rely on third party providers. With medical transcription outsourcing, gain maximum benefits and make your life simpler.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Transcription Work

The benefits of outsourcing the transcription of your medical records to reliable providers are many. Let us consider some of the benefits here-

  • Very fast delivery time- The transcription companies deliver all work within 12-24 hours and this time period can be further customized according to need. This makes all work recorded within the day and prevents any kind of backlog or loss of records.
  • Experts on the team- The transcription companies have experts working for them in the fields of transcription, proofing, editing and analyzing quality. The multi-level checks ascertain that all documents are 99% accurate. The experienced team does their best to deliver error-free work.
  • Flexible options- The transcription companies offer flexible dictation options to the medical professionals. They can either digitally record the matter or use toll free phones for dictation. They can also choose the desired format for transcription of documents.
  • Round the clock support- There are people working on the support team that functions 24×7. This can be very comforting in times of need, technical or otherwise.
  • Files are secure- The provider companies deliver all files through encrypted sites to ensure data security. The File Transfer protocol maintained by them makes all files delivered free from Internet frauds.

With medical transcription outsourcing, gain maximum benefits while saving on time, money and effort all the way. A reliable provider ensures that all records are delivered on time and are accurate too.

Secure Internet-enabled Medical Transcription Service

The medical transcription sector has gained great popularity in the healthcare industry. In the United States, healthcare entities are increasingly utilizing advanced medical transcription services for recording and managing the treatment details of their patients. Consequently, leading medical transcription companies in the nation are providing dedicated, superior and secure Internet enabled medical transcription services to hospitals, clinics, healthcare management organizations, group practitioners and individual physicians in a budget-friendly manner.

Utilize Cost-effective Web-enabled Medical Transcription Services

Through secure, Internet-enabled medical transcription services, healthcare contributors can be provided with quality transcribed medical reports such as patient history, health summary, consultation reports, clinic notes, patient progress details, ER reports, follow-up notes and death summaries.

Medical Reports Featuring Superior Quality

Physicians can dictate the medical details with the help of digital recorders and toll free numbers. The recorded voice files are later converted into data files by knowledgeable and talented medical transcriptionists.

Other benefits that can be gained:

  • 99% accurate medical reports
  • Three levels of quality assurance
  • Customized turnaround time packages
  • Document flow management software for end-to-end tracking of data
  • Transferring of files through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or browser based secure 256 bit AES encrypted file transfer protocol.

Internet-enabled medical transcription services also facilitate online reviews and editing. Besides, as all these services are carried out within a short span of time, the physicians can comfortably move on to the treatment phase without delay.

Select the Leader in the Industry

When you have plans to depend on a medical transcription service provider for fulfilling your transcription needs, make sure to choose an HIPAA compliant organization as it can offer superior confidentiality and security for the patient details. Moreover, such organizations can also provide you with reliable services at economical service charges.