HIPAA Compliant Radiology Transcription for Hospital Radiology Departments

HIPAA Compliant Radiology Transcription for Hospital Radiology Departments

Most healthcare organizations including medical facilities, imaging centers and hospital radiology departments prefer to go for radiology transcription service that ensure full compliance with HIPAA norms. Many experienced medical transcription companies in the United States offer HIPAA compliant radiology transcription services for hospital radiology departments. These services ensure greater security and confidentiality for personal information of patients and their medical records, strictly following the latest regulations prescribed by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Utmost Confidentiality and Privacy for Radiology Medical Records

While outsourcing radiology transcription tasks, hospital radiology departments and imaging centers look for radiology transcription companies that ensure high quality transcription solutions with strong measures to protect the information from unauthorized access.

Well-organized radiology transcription services that come from experienced companies help hospital radiology departments benefit from comprehensive solutions that have complete compliance with the latest HIPAA regulations. These services ensure utmost security for patient health information. They implement excellent data encryption techniques and document security options to protect the data files stored on their computers. Most reliable firms also ensure the following additional precautionary measures:

  • Regular updates of firewalls and antivirus software on all computers
  • Password protected computer systems
  • Secure, password protected FTP sites and email sites for file transfer
  • Regular technical evaluations to ensure that all systems meet or exceed specific security requirements
  • Follows a minimum of 128-bit encryption technology for all transferred files
  • Monthly back-ups of computer systems
  • Stringent security checks upon entering and leaving the premises
  • Avoids usage of home based transcriptionists
  • Password protected lockers for file storage
  • Entire workforce trained and monitored on HIPAA privacy, confidentiality and security

To ensure additional safety for your medical reports, all computer systems are protected. External drives of the machines including flopping drives are disabled to prevent unauthorized access, copying, modification and deletion of crucial medical data. Moreover, any hard copies of notes and copies of patient information including document schedules will be shredded on site.

Radiology Transcription Service: Core Benefits

HIPAA compliant radiology transcription services offered by reliable transcription companies help hospital radiology departments save a considerable amount of money that is required to complete the transcription procedures within the organization. Most transcription companies deliver customized solutions at competitive prices ensuring 30 to 40% cost savings. The other benefits of professional radiology transcription service include:

  • Reduces documentation workload
  • Allows to streamline the medical records documentation procedures
  • Helps radiologists concentrate on core activities and enhance functionality of the practice
  • Helps to maintain organized medical records

Professional Companies for Customized Solutions

Most professional transcription companies are staffed with experienced transcriptionists and other supporting personnel to provide consistent radiology medical transcription services. Utilizing innovative transcription technology, dictation tools and software they transcribe all radiology reports such as patient medical history and evaluation reports, sonogram reports, SOAP notes, X-ray reports, follow-up notes and more with excellent accuracy. Additionally, to ensure quality, document precision is again reviewed at three levels by senior editors, proofreaders and medical experts.

Hospital radiology departments should take care to check that the selected company offers efficient HIPAA compliant radiology transcription services. Assigning transcription jobs to a reputable company would help you enjoy an assortment of benefits in terms of customized solutions in minimum turnaround time, 99% accuracy rate, stringent quality assurance, and affordable pricing. They even provide options to take a free trial of their services that would help you find the right outsourcing partner.