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Emergency Room Transcription Services

Emergency room is a high stress area for physicians. Various kinds of medical reports are generated in an emergency room. Emergency room transcription services are indispensable for medical facilities as well as individual practitioners. The reports taken by physicians in an emergency room are of utmost importance, and it is essential to record and transcribe them accurately. Timely transcription ensures that patient records are up to date and facilitates more efficient care and support. This is where Outsource Strategies International (OSI) can help. Understanding the stress of working in an emergency room, we assist emergency room physicians and other professionals in preparing accurate transcripts.

Medical Transcription Free Trial

Commitment to Service Quality

Our experience, expertise, and professional commitment have made us one of the leading medical transcription companies in the US. We ensure reduced overhead, with 30% to 40% cost savings.

We have a dedicated team of transcriptionists experienced in transcribing reports pertaining to various specialties such as anesthesiology, cardiology, gynecology, oncology, otolaryngology, radiology, geriatrics, and orthopedics among others. They have native English language skills and excellent grammar, and are familiar with the medical slang terms and short forms that ER physicians use. They transcribe emergency room reports including:

  • Hospital administrative records
  • Pre-hospital information
  • Hospital clinical records
  • Medical evaluations, pulse reports
  • Primary complaints
  • Patient symptoms, physical injuries, life-threatening injuries (in case of accidents)
  • Neurological status
  • Anesthesia records
  • Major procedures performed during hospital stay

Why Opt for Transcription at OSI

  • No need to install hardware and software
  • Easy and convenient dictation options such as
    • Digital dictation machines
    • Toll free number
    • Secure cell phone dictation
    • Conference call recording
  • Save expenses related to employing and training staff
  • Quality assurance is ensured through 3 levels of checking by editors, proofreaders and medical editors
  • Be assured of the confidentially and security of your information
  • HIPAA-compliant practices
  • Client satisfaction is ensured with quality service, cost-effective pricing, outstanding performance and speedy delivery

When it comes to emergency room transcription outsourcing services, turnaround time is very critical. We provide various turnaround time options including standard 24 hour TAT and STAT (2 hours, 4 hours or 6 hours).


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