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Internal medicine is fraught with challenges with billing coverage that may not be encountered by other medical specialties. Internists may have to conduct a range of tests to make the initial diagnosis – tests that are followed up by the specialist. Internal medicine medical billing is tough because the consultations are not limited to distinct diseases, certain body systems and related complaints, or specific procedures/treatments. Moreover, internists provide regular preventative and periodic evaluation services to patients who do not have a particular complaint.

As an internal medicine physician or facility, you surely need a billing service knowledgeable regarding the unique nature of this medical specialty. Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is the internal medical billing company you are looking for. We can offer you dedicated, reliable and timely medical billing services with 30% to 40% savings.

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Our Professional Medical Billing Services for Internal Medicine

Benefit from our industry best practices as regards charge capture/reconciliation, claims submission and denial management.

We take pride in our state-of-the-art billing technology that allows us to make sure that our clients receive appropriate reimbursement for services provided to each patient. We take care of:

  • Patient scheduling
  • Insurance verification
  • Insurance authorization
  • Coding and audits
  • Cash posting
  • Patient collections
  • A/R follow up

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  • A full research of all patient accounts
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  • Constant audit of diagnostic and procedural codes
  • Regular QA checking with reports available
  • Cleaner claims and fewer appeals and/or refiles
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports for clients’ benefits
  • Weekly conferences and telephone meetings to discuss progress
  • Communication through instant messaging, Skype and telephone for immediate assistance
  • Customized TAT
  • No long term yearly contracts

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