Billing and Reconciling of Accounts

Processing of medical bills and claims is complex and time intensive. Insurance companies often send a single payment for a batch of patient bills. As a result, busy healthcare providers may find it difficult to reconcile their payment data with specific patient billing records.

Outsource Strategies International (OSI), an established medical billing company in the United States, can help you with your billing and reconciliation of accounts. With years of experience in efficient and timely processing of medical claims, we can help you get maximum reimbursement in minimum time.

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Free Billing Analysis


Claim Management Services

If you receive a claim rejection, we review the message, reconcile, make corrections and resubmit the claim. Our professional billers and coders work round the clock to ensure that you receive full reimbursement.

Our reliable services customized to meet unique client requirements include-

  • Charge entry: This process involves entering the patient’s personal information from demographic sheets, checking for the relevance of the diagnosis and CPT codes, and creating a charge based on billing rules pertaining to specific carriers and locations.
  • Cash posting: Our payment posting team applies the payments from EOBs, claims and other documents into the medical billing software against the appropriate patient account. Necessary refund requests and appeals are also generated for all over/low payments identified.
  • Reconciliation: We are experienced in preparing even complex reconciliation reports of billing data and payments from various payers. We compare the insurance statements with your patient bills and analyze the amount the insurance carrier approved and paid. You can clearly understand the payments received, denied charges and outstanding bills.

Our AR analysts research the claims denied by carriers, rejections from the clearing house and low payments by the carriers. Work orders are issued to the Calling team to obtain all the required information from the insurance carrier to solve the issues on unpaid claims.

Why OSI Is Your Right Billing Partner

  • Regular QA checking
  • Daily, weekly and monthly status reports
  • Greater data security and confidentiality
  • HIPAA-compliant services
  • Reduction of massive paperwork within your practice
  • Fast turnaround time

Enjoy cost savings of 30% to 40% on your total operational costs with OSI working by your side. Contact us for more details regarding our quality and comprehensive billing and reconciliation services.