Otolaryngology Medical Billing

Otolaryngology medical billing can be complex as otolaryngologists bill for office visits as well as for surgical procedures related to disorders and diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. Allergy, laryngology and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery are specialized fields that these physicians may also practice in. An experienced healthcare BPO company, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides customized solutions to help ENT practices reduce claim rejections and obtain maximum reimbursement. We can effectively manage the monetary health of your practice while you focus on patient care.

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Medical Billing Services

Our team includes skilled and experienced AAPC-certified medical coders and billing specialists. Knowledgeable and up-to-date with current industry practices and payer rules and regulations, they can provide solutions on your software or ours. Our comprehensive range of services cover:

Our coding team is well versed in the latest diagnosis and procedure codes:

  • CPT 43191-43196 – rigid, transoral procedures
  • CPT 64616 – Chemodenervation of neck muscle(s), excluding muscles of the larynx, unilateral
  • CPT 64617 – Chemodenervation of larynx, unilateral, percutaneous
  • 92521 – Evaluation of speech fluency
  • 92523 – Evaluation of speech sound production with evaluation of language comprehension and expression
  • ICD-9 140.9 – Malignant neoplasm lip/vermilion NOS
  • ICD-9 141.4 – Malignant neoplasm anterior 2/3

We can provide ICD-10 coding.

Service Benefits

  • Reduced denials and incorrect claims
  • Improved collection ratio
  • Timely and rigorous appeals processes
  • Improved practice productivity
  • HIPAA compliant practices
  • Weekly/monthly reports
  • Reduced staff training issues
  • Savings of 30 to 40%
  • No yearly contracts
  • 24*7 customer service on demand
  • No initial costs or hidden fees

Stay competitive and take your practices to the next level with OSI’s otolaryngology medical billing solutions. Ask for a free billing analysis today!