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Physical Medicine and Rehab Transcription Services

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides professional transcription services for physiatrists, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, nurses, therapists as well as other specialists involved in rehab such as paediatricians, geriatricians, neurosurgeons, and orthopaedic surgeons.

Our physical medicine and rehab transcription services relieve you and your staff of the tedious task of documenting medical records and allowing you to focus on your important goal of providing quality care.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our HIPAA-compliant medical transcription company has years of experience. Whether you have low or high volume needs, you can rely on us for timely and accurate transcripts.

Call 1-800-670-2809 and ask for a free trial of our services!Medical Transcription Free Trial

Accurate Transcripts of All Types of Records

Our trained and skilled staff are well-versed in the terminology and procedures relevant to rehab and can provide quality transcripts pertaining to various conditions:

  • Neurological conditions: stroke, parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis or head injury
  • Orthopedic conditions: arthritis, joint replacements, hand trauma or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Lymphedema or venous edema
  • Pulmonary conditions
  • Work and sports-related injuries
  • Voice conditions
  • Urinary incontinence

We deliver patient progress reports, history and physical reports, chart notes, independent medical evaluations, medical examination, and therapy session notes in custom turnaround time.

Flexible Dictation Options, Quality Assurance and Confidentiality

You can choose from various convenient dictation options:

  • Digital recorders
  • Toll free telephone number
  • Secure cell phone dictation
  • Conference call recording

All transcribed files are checked at three levels to ensure the highest levels of accuracy. We adhere to all the necessary HIPAA guidelines and have stringent measures in place to ensure the security of healthcare information.

Key Benefits

  • Customized turnaround time
  • Accuracy rate of 99% with good audio
  • Solutions on any type of EMR (Electronic Medical Record) software
  • Safe file transfer through FTP / browser based 256 bit AES encryption protocol
  • Password protected computers
  • Monthly back-ups of computer systems
  • Regularly updated firewalls and antivirus software on all the computers
  • Availability of full work-flow modules
  • Excellent customer support

Our competitive rates help you save 30 to 40% on your operational costs. To discuss your physical medicine and rehab transcription needs, call 1-800-670-2809.