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Importance of Choosing an Effective Medical SEO Marketing Partner

by | Oct 5, 2013 | Articles, Medical SEO, Resources | 0 comments

Most people now search online to find medical information or services. To be found easily, healthcare provider websites need to have high search ranking because users generally click on the search results that appear of top of the search engine result page. Medical SEO (search engine optimization) makes this possible. SEO for medical websites requires the use of specific strategies to drive more traffic, increase referrals, and boost conversions. Partnering with the right medical SEO company is important to increase the chances of people visiting and browsing your website and then contacting you for specific medical services. Established companies offer medical SEO services designed to meet the needs of individual and group physician practices, plastic surgeons, oncologists, dieticians, dentists, pediatricians, pharmaceutical companies, and more.

Why Medical SEO Outsourcing?

Optimizing a medical website can prove a challenging task for a healthcare or medical websites. The practical solution is to outsource the SEO task to a reliable medical marketing company. Only an experienced and professional SEO marketing partner can come up with the right plan to enhance the medical website’s ranking in all leading search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Care is taken to provide strategies that follow the latest search engine webmaster guidelines. Google’s algorithmic changes are designed to ensure that users are provided with fresh, informative content. The right SEO partner ensures that its medical client’s website offers a great user experience and the content fulfills the information needs of searchers.

Medical SEO services also focus on increasing the physician’s visibility in a targeted geographical location. This is especially important for a specialty like plastic surgery. For instance, it is obvious that bodySCULPT, a New York City based plastic surgery practice is using the right local SEO strategies as the group enjoys top initial page ranking on Google for a popular search term such as “hi definition laser liposuction NYC”.

Importance of Choosing an Effective Medical SEO Marketing Partner
Social media optimization is also an important aspect of healthcare SEO. Social media is changing the way consumers interact with health organizations. A recent study found that 34% of consumers use social media to find health information. SEO companies help healthcare providers use social media to build interactions with their patients and relevant communities. This can subsequently spread good will and build the physician’s reputability to help maintain trust and confidence in services provided.

Customized Medical SEO Marketing Plan

As an initial step, the SEO marketing partner will conduct a detailed analysis of your website and its position when compared to your competitors. On-page and off-page optimization strategies will be planned based on this analysis. A customized SEO plan will then be devised using the following SEO strategies

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Link building services
  • Blog, newsletter and article submission
  • Reputation Management Plan
  • Social media marketing
  • HTML coding
  • Conversion optimization
  • Pay per click (PPC) ad campaigns
  • Localized optimization

Benefits of Effective Medical SEO

With the right SEO partner, healthcare providers enjoy many benefits: more qualified website traffic, reputation management, and higher conversion rates for more leads and revenue. So before choosing your service provider, check out previous projects and client testimonials. See if they have experience in handling medical marketing. It is also important to compare pricing and ensure that you choose a company that can provide a medical SEO package that suits your budget.