The primary objective of content writing for medical SEO is to improve the page rank of your medical website on search engine result pages (SERPs). Content that is search engine optimized will enhance your medical website’s online presence. Website page content, article writing, press releases, newsletters, brochures and flyers, medical education content, blogs, content rewriting, product pages, social media writing, content for PowerPoint and video presentations are some of the SEO copywriting solutions.

In this article, we will discuss some dos and don’ts of content writing that will help you create material that will impress your readers as well as search engines. This in turn will help to get your website ranked high in popular search engines.


Do’s for Medical SEO Content Writing Services

  • Always include relevant content on your web page. Content should be reliable, unique, reader-oriented and original. Also, try to keep the content short and simple.
  • The title should be catchy, short and precise
  • Use keywords in your article title
  • Adopt the pyramid structure when writing
  • Use bulleted lists instead of writing in paragraphs
  • Focus on the structure and format of the content
  • Focus on keyword density
  • Use a keyword for the URL if it is relevant for your site content
  • Include title and subheading
  • Include live links to your website
  • Try to use targeted keywords in side headings/subheadings
  • Proofread your content for spelling/grammatical mistakes

Don’ts of Medical SEO Copywriting Services

  • Do not create content focusing only on optimization. Always try to write content that can impress readers. Only relevant, informative and quality content always gets noticed by search engine bots.
  • Do not overuse keywords in the web page. Sufficient use of keyword is fine, but it does not mean that the content must be overstuffed with keywords. If you try to fool search engines by stuffing keywords in the content, your website will be banned for keyword spamming. Most of the healthcare  SEO companies prefer using a keyword density of 0.5-5%.
  • Never employ your content merely as a platform for promoting your healthcare products and services.
  • Breach of copyright – Plagiarism is a crime. Infringing other entity’s content is labeled as a theft.

These dos and don’ts will help you create quality content for your medical website. A reliable provider of effective content writing and medical SEO services can surely help boost your website’s search engine ranking position and bring you more qualified and targeted visitors.