Creating an Effective Landing Page for Your Medical Website

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Whether you are offering products or services through your healthcare website, conversion rates determine how well your website performed and what its Return-On-Investment is. However, studies have shown that majority of visitors won’t come back to a website. Landing pages are created for the sole purpose of converting the visitors to a website into leads. So, if you want users to sign up for an appointment, subscribe to an e-mail list, download an E-book or accept any other offer from your website, create a landing page for that specific campaign. Highly optimized landing pages can create a seamless conversion path that directly impacts your lead generation and the revenue of your medical practice. Let’s see how to create an effective landing page for your medical website.

Features of a Landing Page That Can Generate Good Leads

Compelling Headlines with Brief Description – Use concise, bold and clear headlines to specify the very purpose of the medical landing page. The headline should quickly establish the landing page’s authority and credibility so as to prevent website visitors from bouncing immediately. Typically, a visitor spends very few seconds on a web page to interpret its purpose and value. Include appropriate keywords into the headline as it serves as the title tag of your landing page and the search engines will inspect it for search relevance. Give a brief description along with the headline and ensure that the visitors can easily understand the purpose of your offer from them. You can offer discounts, deadlines or show how the supply is limited. The content should be clean and clear. Give emphasis to the value of your offer, but don’t oversell. It will also tell users how you will meet their needs and solve their problems.

Simple, Uncluttered Design – Rather than using a complicated and eye-catching design, a simple and uncluttered design is always better.  Though visuals are good aids for visitors, they can create a cluttered look, distract the visitors and make them quickly leave the page. In order to eliminate clutter, use bullet points to make an aesthetic space.

By using photos, you can break text and eliminate text heavy content from your landing page. Remove also the main website navigation and other distracting links so that visitors can focus on the landing page without distraction. In addition to this, you should optimize the website design for mobile devices as it is estimated that 46% of netizens use mobile devices exclusively for their   search.

Forms – Including a form in your landing page is quite imperative as it captures the information of the visitors who are interested in your offer and allows you to follow-up with them. If you don’t include forms, you are simply giving away content without learning the response from your visitors interested in your offer. Forms are one of the best ways to generate leads and nurture those who are ready to accept your offer. However, you should keep the digital size of the form small.

Images and Videos – Use of compelling and appropriate images and videos on your landing page can lure your audience and reduce the bounce rate. It is estimated that offer-specific images can convert up to 20% more leads. It has bee shown that a GIF in header can increase conversion rates up to 50%. However, like forms it is better to keep the digital size of the images small for fast loading.

Social Sharing – By adding social share buttons to your landing page, you can take advantage of visitors’ built-in networks. When visitors get interested in your offer, the share buttons will provide them with the opportunity to share your offer with their contacts. In this way, your offer will reach more people and boost your conversions.

Call-to-Action – With Call-to-Action (CTA), you guide your website visitors to take further action such as a download or sale. If your audience feels it hard to find or difficult to use your CTA, they will probably get frustrated and leave your landing page. Use contracting colors between your CTA and the remaining part in your landing page so as to grab the attention of the visitors. Create simple CTA that tells your audience what you want them to do. It should be concise and to the point. You can use action or descriptive phrases including call today, download now, limited and reserve. The primary CTA should be placed above the fold so that your audience need not scroll hard within the landing page to locate the CTA.  The audience should be able to see the important information first.

Reviews and Testimonials – Web users often take a look at what others say before making a purchase online. Reviews are the best way to demonstrate the authenticity of your offer and establish credibility and trust among these people. You can embed reviews from Google or Yelp next to the product or service mentioned in the landing page. Adding testimonials to your landing page will serve the same purpose and also make your audience feel more comfortable to share their stories.

Adding Changes to Landing Page Design

Your job does not end with creating a landing page that can generate great leads. You need to maintain the landing page as such in every possible way you can. The most important thing is to change the content of landing pages when appropriate. Here are the two main instances when you should change the landing pages.

  • The landing page needs to be changed when it experiences a low conversion rating. You can easily track the conversion rate with the help of Google Analytics. It is possible to set up conversion goals and funnels to determine whether there is a projected pattern for landing page conversion ratings (for example, time of day, geographic location).
  • If there is no relation between landing page ads and the landing page content, the content must be changed. Certain websites sell advertising space for banners or pop-ups. Though it may offset the website costs, it won’t entice the visitors if the ads don’t match the content. The ads should be from the same industry as the website.

The landing pages of a medical website must be updated when there is a change in staff. The new awards and recognition received should be placed on the landing page along with a link to the concerned article, award description or a press release. This will enhance the credibility of your products / services.

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