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Search engine optimization for healthcare websites should take into consideration specific and reliable information as these sites deal with medical services. Therefore, the keywords should be selected according to the services or products offered by the particular healthcare provider. Healthcare SEO strategies include Meta tag optimization, link building and optimization, local search engine optimization, image optimization and social media optimization. In addition to that, email campaigns and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertisements also play a vital role.

Meta Tag Optimization

The description given in the Meta tag of your medical website will come under the search results in the form of a hyperlink. If searchers find this piece of description interesting, they will click on the hyperlink and enter your website. Therefore, Meta description should include the brief description of your web content focusing on your services and products. You can optimize Meta description with selling point, keywords and relevant contact numbers.

Link Building and Optimization

Creating back links to your website is a very effective healthcare search engine optimization technique. Link building is of two types, one way link building and reciprocal link exchange. The former involves building back links to your website in other websites and thereby increasing the traffic to your website. The latter focuses on enhancing mutual traffic by placing back links to both websites.

Back links need to be optimized for achieving better page ranking. You can use good anchor text and links structure for this purpose. If there is a content management system for your website, it is better to use permalinks for including keywords and titles within the back links.

Local Search Engine Optimization

If you use local search engine optimization in your medical website, then the site will display the services according to the geographical location. This will help the customers or patients look for healthcare services available in their area. Following are some of the important techniques employed for local SEO.

  • Use Keywords Based on Geographical Location: Apart from the usual keywords, try to search for the location keywords frequently used by prospective clients in connection with the services mentioned in your website. Then, insert them in appropriate places within the web content.
  • Include Physical Address: The physical address should be placed in almost all pages on your website. If there are multiple locations, set aside at least one web page for each location.
  • Place Customer Ratings: Try to include customer reviews and comments including geo-specific words in your medical website for ensuring a better place in location-based search results.

Image Optimization

As search engines can’t understand the importance of images, you need to optimize them in the context of relevant content. Also, try to use high quality images having no copyright violation issues. Some of the basic image optimization elements are given below.

  • Alt Tags: Alt tags give the description of images while moving over them using the cursor. You can optimize these tags by including keywords.
  • File Name: Use names which are meaningful and similar to Alt tags for image files. It is also possible to use Alt tags as image file names.
  • Image Title and Linking: When you use title tag with images, it will appear as a tool tip while touching the images with cursor. If you want to link the images, then use the image keywords in the link text so that it will be shown on the search results instead of ‘Click here to view’ text.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization deals with integrating social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest with your website and advertising your services and products to a wide circle of customers. Creating a customized Facebook Fan page, social bookmarking and press release submission are some of the main social media optimization techniques utilized by reliable healthcare SEO service providers.

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