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How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

by | May 3, 2013 | Articles, Resources | 0 comments

The variation in the level of website traffic depends upon various factors related to your content. If you have a medical website, it is not enough to include mere information of your services and products. The traffic can be increased by including newsletters, brochures, and website links related to the main content. The main factors that drive traffic to your website are content, keywords and search engine optimization. Nowadays, social media can also increase the website traffic as it facilitates a point of interaction with the global audience.

Pertinent Content

The content used in the website should be free, original and valuable for the viewers. Prepare the content in such a way that it is of outstanding quality. If you have no confidence in generating quality content, then it is better to approach a professional content writing company that can provide services within your budget and meeting your specific requirements. You can guarantee the quality of the content by ensuring the following.

  • Retain Specific Content: The content in the web page should be specific so that it serves the primary aim of the customers. Unnecessary information will drive away your visitors.
  • Use Up-to-Date Content: People will navigate to a website repeatedly only if it provides up to date information regarding the service or product. Try to add fresh content to your website at least on a weekly basis to attract more traffic. It is best to add discussion forums to encourage repetitive visits.
  • Handle Tags and Links in the Right Manner: You should place the Title and Meta tags in the right place and make sure that the links associated with the content are valid.
  • Add Images and Videos: The images and videos relevant to your content will increase the content quality. Recent researches show that these items can gather better conversions and thereby improve the page ranking.

Keyword Usage

Keyword research, keyword density and keyword handling are the main things to consider when using keywords in your web page for promoting traffic. The keyword relevant to your topic should be determined after doing thorough research using an appropriate research tool. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion tool and Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Overture Keyword Tool are some of the best tools available.

Using keywords does not mean populating the entire web page with keywords. Your content can encourage more traffic only if you use keywords in a moderate density. The standard keyword density is around 3% of the content.

It is very important where you place the keywords in your content. Try to add keywords in the beginning of the main title and subtitles. This will make the search engines list your web page in top search results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques that are used to increase the online visibility of a website. Professional SEO companies utilize two types of SEO techniques for optimizing the content in your websites.

  • On-page site optimization: On-page site optimization deals with optimizing the title tags, headers, subheadings, Meta tags, links and body content of your website with keywords and relevant information. You can use title optimization, Meta tag optimization and more for this purpose.
  • Off-page site Optimization: Off-page site optimization focuses on optimizing back links from other sites to your website. Even though back linking can increase the popularity of your website, it won’t work if you apply no diversity in links. Off-page optimization techniques include link building and article submission that have proved to be highly effective in driving traffic.

Social Media Integration

You can provide links of social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in your website to attract a large number of people. The most effective way to utilize the possibilities of social media is through social media campaign which includes building a Twitter profile for your website, creating Facebook communities related to your website, and setting up the facility for social bookmarking in your site.