OSI’s Article on Tick and Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Published in BC Advantage Magazine

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OSI’s article on Tick and Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Published in BC Advantage Magazine Outsource Strategies International (OSI), an experienced US based medical billing and coding company, is pleased to announce that their article “Tick and Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment” has been published in BC Advantage Magazine (Online Issue 14-5/Sept-Oct-2020). The article was written by Natalie Tornese, CPC, OSI’s Senior Solutions Manager, Practice and Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare Division. It discusses the dimensions of the public health threat posed by this tick-borne disease, treatment options, and coding and reimbursement concerns. Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia Burgdorferi, the bacterium which is spread by the bite of black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks. The widespread prevalence of Lyme disease in U.S. cities is what makes the article especially relevant. These ticks are most prevalent in early summer, when people spend more time outdoors. Each year, the state health departments and the District of Columbia report about 30,000 cases of Lyme disease. The CDC recently reported that cases of Lyme disease increased more than 80% between 2004 and 2016 — from 19,804 to 36,429. The article also lists the measures implemented by Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to address this public threat. Diagnosing Lyme disease can be challenging as the symptoms are similar to those of other medical conditions. The Ad Hoc Committee for Health Equity in ICD-11 Borreliosis Codes has successfully established new codes for life-threatening complications from Lyme disease. Established in 2002, OSI is a reliable healthcare business process outsourcing company managed by clinical and management specialists. The company is well-positioned to provide high quality, cost-effective, customized revenue cycle management solutions, including insurance verification services. OSI provides accurate and timely coding and medical billing services for a wide range of specialties and practices of all sizes. The company’s team of skilled AAPC-certified coders stays up-to-date with the current coding changes and updates, payer-specific documentation guidelines, and state and federal regulations. BC Advantage Magazine is a highly acclaimed CEU approved national online healthcare publication. It is the largest independent resource provider in the industry for medical coders and billers, healthcare auditors, practice managers, compliance officers, and clinical documentation experts. “Tick and Lyme Disease Diagnosis and Treatment” is the third OSI article published by BC Advantage Magazine, the other two being: “How to Code Screening and Diagnostic Colonoscopy” and “Viral Hepatitis – Types, Symptoms, and Diagnosis Codes”.

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