SEO 101 deals with the basic facts regarding the implementation of the right on-page/off-page optimization techniques for greater online visibility for your medical website and increased conversions. In on-page optimization, tools such as keyword optimization and content development are used to boost the page rank of web pages. Off-page optimization involves strategies such as link building, social media optimization, article submission and directory submission to enhance the visibility of the website and attract relevant traffic. Healthcare websites need to implement both on-page and off-page optimization techniques in the right manner to increase quality traffic and benefit from excellent return on investment.

SEO 101


The right keywords have to be included within your content to get your web pages noticed by search engines. These are the words people use to search for your products or services. Decide on the keywords only after performing proper research. A moderate keyword density is required in your content so that the search engines can easily spot it. Normally, the keywords should comprise around 3% of the relevant content. Long tail keywords can be used for attracting more targeted traffic.

Content Development

Once you are certain about the keywords, generate the content of your website incorporating those keywords. The content should be original and informative. The page rank can be improved by improving the quality of the content. The titles, URLs and Meta tags of the content and images have to be keyword optimized to ensure a good page rank.

  • Titles: As search engines give importance to HTML heading tags, use the keywords in both titles and subtitles.
  • URLs: Make your URLs more user and SEO-friendly. Include keywords to describe what the user will find on the page.
  • Meta Tags: Search engines index the web page according to what is described in Meta tags. Meta tag optimization can directly influence page rank. You need to ensure that the tag is not too generic and include keywords in it. Also, try to include selling points and relevant contact numbers in the tag.
  • Images: You can use short as well as meaningful ALT text or Alternative Text for specifying your image while placing the mouse cursor over it so that the browser will highlight that text. The filename, image title and image linking should be specific.

Back Linking

The page rank of your web content depends on the quality of websites it links to. If you place backlinks to websites with higher rankings, it can definitely improve your website’s search ranking. It is better to link to a few highly ranked websites rather than back linking to numerous low rated websites. Content with a variety of back links to guest blogs, articles and contextual links can improve the rank. In one way link building, hyperlinks of your website are added to other related websites for increasing the traffic to your website. Reciprocal link exchange is placing the link of your website in other websites and including the link of that website in yours for enhancing mutual traffic.

Social Media Optimization

The page views for your content can be increased by adding the links for social networking sites including Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and others. Gaining fans and followers on these sites will make your content popular within seconds and improve your page rank. Social media optimization includes strategies such as tagging and bookmarking, blog optimization, building Facebook communities and Twitter profile building.

Directory Submission and SEO

Directory submission refers to the process of submitting your website URL as well as other relevant details to a popular and most appropriate directory. This will help improve the link popularity of your website. An affordable form of link building, directory submission is preferred as a popular way to create back links, get new sites seen by search engines and as a result get indexed in the search database more quickly.

A professional SEO company can provide you with effective SEO services to meet the needs of your medical website. With a team of professional SEO experts keeping track of the ever-changing algorithms of search engines, a reliable service provider can help you tackle competition with a full array of healthcare SEO strategies at affordable rates.