Urgent Care Billing
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Urgent Care Billing

Urgent care facilities must have all of their billing in order and must make sure that the proper amounts are billed to get paid for the healthcare services provided to patients. Outsource Strategies International (OSI) understands the complex problems that can develop with urgent care billing and provides complete support. We are HIPAA compliant and offer the service of a team of professionals who clearly understand at what points of care payers recognize and reimburse and help you in getting your claims paid faster.

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We Have Specialized Knowledge in Urgent Care Medical Billing

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We know that some urgent care doctors work with a flat fee schedule whereas others may be charging hourly according to the severity of the conditions they treat. You may also be working with health insurance companies and must have a clear understanding of their payment rules, which may vary from one insurer to another.

OSI knows exactly the kind of challenges your urgent care facility has to handle.

  • We can help you maximize your revenue while also running your facility smoothly.
  • Let us help you set up a medical billing system that is easy to use, and also makes it easy for patients to understand the amount they will have to pay out of pocket for certain treatments.
  • We will ensure that you have a good working relationship with diverse health insurance companies you are associated with.
  • Leave the complicated administrative work to us and focus on your core processes.

Our Process

We receive patient charts via secure file transfer protocol (FTP) or by logging into your system via virtual private network (VPN). Our services include:

We provide ICD-10 medical coding services.

Our Benefits

OSI serves as an extension to your office and brings the following benefits.

  • System-based eligibility checking
  • Regular QA checks
  • Feedbacks and reports (daily, monthly and weekly)
  • Weekly meetings to discuss progress
  • Customized TAT
  • No long term yearly contracts

We provide you with streamlined workflow, controlled overhead costs and maximized cash flow. To find out more about our urgent care billing service, contact us at (800) 670-2809.