Virtual Dental Office Assistant

Dedicated and experienced employees make a practice run smoothly. Knowledgeable administrative staff makes it very easy for the clinical staff to do what they do best, treat patients. The challenging part for a new or growing practice is finding experienced staff that can handle functions that are essential to beep a practice running. This is where OSI excels in. We work hand in hand with your practice and develop a strategy that allows you to grow, never having to worry about staffing. We can provide you with a virtual dental office assistant, an extension to your business.

Our virtual dental office assistant service helps dental offices manage everything from patient intake and scheduling to insurance verification, dental billing, and AR follow-up. Outsourcing all or a part of these functions to us will allow your office staff to focus on their daily work while ensuring that your patients receive the highest level of care. Above all, you can outsource all this to OSI at a price that will be better than hiring an office or administrative assistant in-house.

Who should think of Outsourcing to a Remote Dental Office Assistant?

Outsourcing office administrative responsibilities can be an option for practices that have any of the following issues:

  • You are new and having trouble hiring someone who can do it all
  • You are established and experiencing difficulty in hiring
  • A growing number of unresolved claims and you feel you are drowning
  • Not comfortable with the eligibility check within your office
  • Need help with pre determination and procedural authorization
  • Having trouble with follow up, rescheduling or routine office visits
  • You know your dental billing is a problem.
  • AR management issues. Need help billing and collecting from patients.
  • Can’t afford hiring an additional staff member
  • You know your practice is in trouble and you need help

OSI's virtual dental front office solutions take care of these challenges and more! We will improve office workflow, boost productivity, increase patient satisfaction, and save time and money with our remote dental office assistant service -- call 1-800-670-2809 today!

What We Can Do

Patient Intake

Our patient intake service ensures that all demographic, social and clinical data, consent forms, insurance, payments, and more are verified and captured accurately from new and returning patients prior to their visit. Our support can go a long way toward reducing administrative processing time.

Scheduling and Confirming Appointments
We can book and confirm appointments for your office. Keep your schedule current and full. We can manage appointment scheduling to meet your unique goals, saving time and increasing revenue while maximizing patient satisfaction.
Insurance Verifications and Authorizations
Calling insurance companies and verifying eligibility and getting authorizations for procedures take time. We make sure dental insurance eligibility is verified for both new and established patients prior to their appointment.
Dental Billing
We have in-depth knowledge of dental billing and keep abreast of CDT, CPT and ICD-10 code changes and reporting guidelines. Our virtual dental billing support helps you bill your services successfully and ensure optimal reimbursement.
Claim Submission
Get your claims out in time. We will process your claims in 24 hours. We can work on your software and make sure complete and accurate filing of claim forms are done. A timely clean claim submission ensuresprompt and correct payment.
AR Management
Outsourcing AR management will endure you have a knowledgeable virtual dental office assistant is handling your unpaid claims. We follow up all claims that is 30 days old with continued follow up until we have a claim resolution. We can handle even your patient receivables.
Payment Posting
We are experienced in interpreting and posting payments from insurances and patients. Every line item is verified, qualified, and posted so no money is left on the table. If we find payment issues that will be handed over to the AR team to manage.
Rejection Follow Up
Dental claims can be denied, delayed or alternate benefited for multiple reasons. Letting them slip by will start to add to your receivables and start putting pressure on your practice. We follow-up on claim rejections and help you stay cash positive.
Answering Billing Questions
As experts in the field, our virtual dental billing assistants can handle patient and insurance calls and answer questions on bills and payments.
Entering Fee Schedules
We can ensure correct and timely entry/updating of fee schedules in your practice management system. We know this can change year to year. Our support can help you track and maintain your fees efficiently.

Benefits of Choosing our Virtual Dental Office Assistant

  • Dedicated person consistently working providing a high level of service
  • You do not have to worry about hiring or firing
  • No Payroll taxes, medical insurance or other benefits to pay
  • Dedicated team for your practice
  • We will save you 30-40 percent on your operating costs
  • Don’t worry about vacations or holidays, we have people trained to step in.
  • Eliminates dealing with staff turnover and retraining
  • Use the space you save to see more patients.

We can handle different types of software available for dentists and specialists. Our dental office virtual assistant can work with software systems such as OpenDental, Curve, Dentrix, Practice-Web, EagleSoft, Dentrix Ascend SoftDent, Dovetail, iDental Soft, ACE Dental, Denticon, Dentimax, and others.

Focus your valuable time on your patients and other core activities that really matter to you. Ask us about tailoring your needs to a plan that our Virtual Dental Office Assistant can manage.

Employees get stuck on hold with insurances and work comes to a halt- with us production does not stop!

For more information about our virtual dental office assistant service call us at 1-800-670-2809.

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