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About OSI
Established in 2002, Outsource Strategies International (OSI), is a Managed Outsource Solutions service that is headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. OSI is a service developed to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions in healthcare that focuses more on practice functions from front office administrative management to back-office optimization. Our clientele consists of medical practices, dental practices, dentists and physicians, hospitals, and other medical institutions.

Founders Bob Kruse and Rajeev Rajagopal started OSI as a division of Managed Outsource Solutions, INC to provide services to the healthcare industry. Though there was a shift in healthcare services with globalization and increased reliance on technology, it still had its perils with poor customer service and reduced quality of care. Our goal was to bridge this gap, providing the advantages of technology and global reach with excellent customer service and quality; of course, all at a great price. Initially started as a medical transcription company, we moved to value-added medical billing and coding services. Responsive to changing client needs, OSI has developed a variety of services including insurance verification and authorization services for medical and dental professionals.

Our Motto – “Do what you do best, we’ll do the rest” We provide you with a comprehensive solution that will help you achieve the quality you desire at a cost that will benefit your practice. We want to help you focus on what you do best, i.e. take care of your patients. Let us handle the rest.

How We Operate

We work as an extension of your business. What does it mean? Our core principle is to work with our clients and develop a relationship that allows our clients to have a seamless operation with a team that they can rely on and trust. Your support team at OSI is a virtual extension to your internal team and thus your business.

It is our job to understand your unique challenges and provide effective solutions so that you can run your business without the pressure of working for a certain bottom line. We are good at it and continue to provide you with excellent service.

The strength of OSI is derived from top management, our national and international resources, and our fantastic team in the USA.

Serving the healthcare industry for over 20 years, we are leaders in providing back-office support services for medical and dental practices and groups.

With an ever-increasing portfolio of services from medical billing and coding, insurance verifications and authorizations, MRA/HCC Coding, HEDIS coding, AR Management, Dental billing, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) implementation, and Software development to Digital marketing, we are constantly working on providing other services to help your practice grow and flourish.

Our solutions are designed to simplify decision making, streamline operations, and to improve your financial health, while you focus on patient care.

Our Philosophy and Values

Our Philosophy and Values
Every business has its own challenges; and for any business to thrive, solutions must be found for these challenges. And even though we like to think positive; “Murphy’s Law” is continually lurking; in other words, there will always be challenges.

We, at MOS (Managed Outsource Solutions), fully understand this, and our business model is centered on SOLUTIONS.

Do You Have Challenges? We Have Solutions.

So, in developing our business model, we asked ourselves, how best to accomplish this? In doing so, we developed a set of principles, core values, ideas, etc.

We will work hard to earn your business.

Since 2002, we have been providing cost-effective and efficient solutions to the healthcare industry. Our Customer Service is what keeps us in business. We deeply believe in achieving client satisfaction with every project we undertake. We are committed to providing “personal service,” and keep our efforts focused on finding the right resources to continue our excellence in service.