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Bariatric Surgery

Top-Notch Support for Seamless Bariatric Surgery Insurance Verification and Authorization

Bariatric surgery is a popular treatment for obesity, especially for those who haven’t achieved success with other weight loss methods. Health insurance plans often cover the cost of bariatric surgery due to medical necessity. However, insurance coverage can be complex, and practices can benefit from dedicated support for patient benefits verification and pre-certification. As a professional medical billing company, we offer comprehensive bariatric surgery insurance verifications and authorizations to confirm patient coverage and benefits prior to appointments. Verifying coverage in advance benefits both the practice and the patient.

We understand the challenges faced by healthcare providers and patients alike when it comes to navigating the complex landscape of insurance coverage for bariatric surgery. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in providing comprehensive insurance verifications and authorization services, ensuring that patients receive the financial support they need to undergo life-changing bariatric procedures. We are knowledgeable about the requirements of both Medicare and private insurance companies.

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Insurance Coverage Options for Bariatric Surgery

Understanding the available insurance coverage options and criteria for bariatric surgery assists patients in making informed decisions and navigating the reimbursement process effectively. There are various options available:

Employer-sponsored health insurance

Many employers offer plans that cover bariatric surgery and patients need to review the details and requirements of their employer’s plan.


Medicare provides coverage for medically necessary bariatric surgery in certain cases. Eligibility and coverage criteria vary, and it’s necessary to understand the guidelines.

Individual health insurance plans

Private health insurance plans also cover bariatric surgery. These plans have specific criteria and may differ in cost and benefits.


Medicaid covers bariatric surgery for eligible individuals, with specific criteria varying by state. Patients should review the requirements for their state.
With our support, you can focus on delivering exceptional care, while patients can begin their weight loss journeys without the burden of insurance-related concerns.

Why Choose Us?



Our team of knowledgeable professionals has extensive experience in medical billing and insurance verification, specializing in bariatric surgery coverage policies across various insurance providers.



We provide precise and meticulous medical insurance checks, ensuring accurate assessments of insurance benefits, minimizing delays and denials.


Time is crucial when it comes to obtaining insurance approvals for bariatric surgery. We streamline the verification and authorization procedures, facilitating prompt access to essential medical services for patients.

Time and Resource Savings

By outsourcing insurance verifications and authorizations to us, healthcare providers can free up valuable time and resources and focus on providing high-quality patient care.

Faster and Optimal Reimbursement

Our attention to detail and understanding of insurance requirements can help healthcare providers maximize their reimbursement for bariatric surgeries, minimizing financial strain.

Dedicated Support

Our team provides personalized support to both patients and healthcare providers throughout the insurance verification and authorization process. We are committed to addressing inquiries promptly and strive to ensure that patients receive the insurance coverage they need to undergo bariatric surgery.

Our Insurance Verification and Authorization Services

Our Insurance Verification Service

Thorough Insurance Verifications

We verify insurance coverage for various weight loss operations, including Gastric Bypass, Gastric Sleeve, BPD/DS, SADI-S, and Adjustable Gastric Band. Our detailed analysis of insurance policies provides accurate information on pre-authorization, deductibles, co-pays, and limitations, clarifying coverage for bariatric surgery. This helps healthcare providers and patients understand coverage and plan accordingly.

Pre-Authorization Assistance

Obtaining pre-authorization from insurance providers is a critical step in the bariatric surgery process. Precertification is a complicated, long-term process. We assist healthcare providers in compiling necessary documentation and submitting pre-authorization requests in a timely manner.

For patients to be eligible for coverage of bariatric surgery, they must specific criteria enforced by insurance providers. These criteria include body mass index (BMI) requirements, documentation of previous weight loss attempts, co-morbidity requirements, and psychological evaluation. Insurance plans may have additional requirements, such as smoking cessation or discontinuation of certain medications, before approving coverage for bariatric surgery. We ensure that all the required medical records, clinical documentation, and supporting documents are submitted, increasing the chances of a prompt and favorable response.

Claim Review Support

We also offer insurance claim review services to identify discrepancies or denials. We work with providers to rectify errors and missing information to minimize denials, ease administrative tasks, and maximize reimbursement for bariatric surgeries.

Appeals and Denials Management

In cases where insurance claims are denied, we initiate appeals processes. To increase the chances of insurance coverage for bariatric surgery, it is important to:

  • Provide comprehensive and well-documented medical records that demonstrate the medical necessity of the procedure.
  • Ensure accurate coding and adherence to coding guidelines to properly reflect the nature and purpose of the surgery.
  • Address any coding or documentation errors identified in the denial promptly and efficiently.
  • Include any relevant guidelines or policies from professional organizations that support the medical necessity of the bariatric surgery procedure.

Our knowledgeable team works closely with healthcare providers to gather necessary supporting documentation, draft comprehensive appeal letters, and navigate the appeals process on behalf of patients. Our expertise in dealing with insurance companies ensures that denials are thoroughly addressed, with the ultimate goal of achieving successful appeals and securing the coverage patients deserve.

Our Insurance Authorization Services

Affordable & Flexible Pricing Plans

Full-Time Equivalent or FTE Pricing Model

In this model, services are billed based on the equivalent cost of a full-time employee (FTE) for a specified duration, usually monthly or annually. Your advantages include:

  • Conversion from hourly rates
  • Predictable costs
  • Transparent billing
  • Management oversight

Fixed Cost Pricing

Like an FTE model, a person is dedicated to your practice. Perfect for a practice that is busy. They work as an extension to your business.

  • A dedicated employee or team member
  • Team handling multiple responsibilities
  • Preset pricing and production guidelines
  • No Start-up fees

Per Verification Pricing

Perfect for a practice that is unsure about their work requirements. This can have per request pricing for eligibility verifications and other functions.

  • Dedicated team or employee
  • Team handling multiple responsibilities
  • A per transaction or hybrid model
  • No Start-up fees

How Our Insurance Verification Process Works

The steps in our proven and reliable process are as follows:

How Our Insurance Verification Process Works

Setting up an insurance file for each patient:

A dedicated file is set up for each patient, making it easier to access and update patient insurance information as and when required.

Verifying patient eligibility

This process involves through checks to ensure that the patient’s insurance plan is active and covers bariatric surgery, potentially preventing claim processing issues.

Documenting all coverage details

After confirming the patient’s insurance eligibility, we thoroughly document all coverage details in their file, including policy numbers, limits, co-pays, deductibles, and any applicable exclusions or limitations.

Patient education

We educate patients about their coverage and treatment costs, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their treatment options and understand their financial responsibilities. We also explain the claims submission and processing procedures, so that they are aware about the process works, with the aim to increase claim submission accuracy.
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Bariatric Insurance Verification and Authorization FAQs

Why is insurance verification necessary for bariatric surgery?

Insurance verification is essential to determine the extent of coverage for bariatric surgery, including benefits, co-pays, deductibles, and any exclusions or limitations. It helps patients and healthcare providers understand the financial aspects of the procedure.

What information is required for insurance verification?

To begin the insurance verification process, we typically require the patient’s insurance information, including policy numbers, group numbers, and the name of the insurance company. We also need the patient’s personal information and consent to communicate with the insurance company on their behalf.

How long does the insurance verification process take?

The time taken for insurance verification process can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the insurance plan and the responsiveness of the insurance company. Our dedicated team is focused on completing the verification process as efficiently as possible.

Can insurance verification be done retroactively?

While best practice is to initiate insurance verification before the bariatric surgery process, it is sometimes possible to perform retroactive verification. However, it is important to note that retroactive verification may involve certain challenges and potential limitations.

How can outsourcing insurance verification and authorization benefit my healthcare practice?

Partnering with a specialized insurance verification and authorization company like ours can save you practice time and resources. It allows you to focus on providing quality care while ensuring that verification and authorization processes are handled efficiently and accurately.