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Medical Billing ProcessBenefit verification is an important and necessary step in the medical billing process. It involves the verification of the patient’s medical coverage with the insurance company. This is essential to ensure unstinted claim reimbursements. Studies show that many insurance claims are rejected because services are not covered benefits. Busy medical professionals and healthcare firms find it difficult to verify claims as their focus is on providing treatment and care. Their best option is to rely on the insurance verification services provided by outsourcing companies.

The benefit verification process typically involves the following steps:

  • Getting schedules from the hospitals
  • Verifying insurance coverage with the insurance company
  • Obtaining pre-authorization for specific procedures
  • Contacting patients if there is need for any clarification
  • Checking eligibility and benefits information such as coverage starting and end dates, co-pay information and more
  • Updating the billing system with the correct information

Efficiency is ensured in the insurance verification process as the outsourcing company has insurance benefits verification specialists on the job. These professionals have a thorough understanding of major medical benefits, drug cards, and public patient assistance programs. They also have excellent communication skills that help them interact with providers and patients on benefits and claims.

The benefit verification services that a competent medical billing company provides can help healthcare service providers minimize risks of non-payment and rejections. Delay in billing processes is avoided. By speeding up payments and collections, a healthcare facility can improves its accounts receivable cycles.