Coding Common Women’s Health Issues This Women’s Day

by | Last updated May 17, 2023 | Published on Mar 8, 2022 | Medical Billing, Medical Coding

Coding Common Women’s Health Issues This Women’s Day
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Happy Women’s Day 2022!

Each year, International Women’s day is celebrated on March 8. This year’s theme for the day is – “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.  Unlike men, women experience unique health issues and conditions, including pregnancy and menopause to breast cancer and other gynecological conditions. Some health issues that affect both men and women can affect women differently. However, with on-time diagnosis and proper treatment, most conditions are preventable. Treatments provided by gynecologists or other providers need to be reported accurately on the medical claims, for which gynecologists can rely on professional medical coding companies.

Coding Common Women’s Health Issues This Women’s Day

Coding women’s complex health issues and conditions require expertise. Experienced medical billing outsourcing companies provide comprehensive medical billing and coding services for medical practices.

Natalie Tornese

Holding a CPC certification from the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC), Natalie is a seasoned professional actively managing medical billing, medical coding, verification, and authorization services at OSI.

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