Funny ICD-10 Codes For Valentine’s Day Woes

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Valentine’s Day, no doubt is a special occasion to express one’s love for near and dear ones, shop for expensive gifts, enjoy exotic holidays and romantic candlelit dinners, spend memorable evenings together, and more. However, it can also be a day of mishaps, woes, ailments, breakups, stress, loneliness, etc. and some may end up in an ER visit. Treatments provided in ERs can be billed on the medical claims using relevant ICD-10 and CPT codes. Experienced medical billing companies can support Emergency doctors to prepare and submit medical claims for correct reimbursement from insurers. Not only shopping, even common gifts such as roses and jewelries, Cupid’s arrow hitting hard, chocolate allergies, fire from real candles, accidents from alcohol-impaired driving and hidden health hazards can also cause mishaps.

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Valentine’s Day Mishaps and Related ICD-10 Codes

Injuries from common gifts


Thorny prick

  • S61.230 Puncture wound without foreign body of right index finger without damage to nail
  • W60.XXXA Contact with non-venomous plant thorns and spines and sharp leaves, initial encounter

Allergic reaction

  • J30.1 Allergic rhinitis due to pollen


Constriction due to wrong size

  • W49.04XA Ring or other jewelry causing external constriction

Unpleasant skin reaction

  • L23.0 Allergic contact dermatitis due to metals

Cupid’s arrow hitting hard

  • X99.8 Assault by other sharp object
  • W45 Foreign body or object entering through skin
  • W21.89xA Striking against or struck by other sports equipment, initial encounter
  • S26.99xA Other injury of heart, unspecified with or without hemopericardium, initial encounter

Body reactions

  • R00.2 Palpitations
  • R06.4 Hyperventilation
  • R61 Generalized hyperhidrosis

Romantic dinner

  • Y92.511 Restaurant or café as the place of occurrence of the external cause

Too much sweet

Consuming too much chocolates and chocolate-covered strawberries can cause health issues.

  • R73.9 Hyperglycemia, unspecified
  • K30 Functional dyspepsia
  • X10.1XXS Contact with hot food, initial encounter

Eating too fast

Eating delicious treats too fast can result in choking or other dangerous conditions.

  • T17.220A Food in pharynx causing asphyxiation, initial encounter


Not only romance and dinners, this is also the day for breakups, which can cause mental stress and depression due to loneliness.

  • R45.83 Excessive crying of child, adolescent or adult

Broken heart

  • I51.81 Takotsubo syndrome

Problems in relationships

  • Z63.0 Problems in relationship with spouse or partner

Alcohol-impaired driving

Date out for a night may involve drinking, which may lead to car crashes.

  • V43.5 Car driver injured in collision with car, pick-up truck or van in traffic accident

While ER departments are prepared to provide necessary treatments for Valentine’s Day-related mishaps on February 14, professional medical billing companies are prepared to provide reliable emergency room medical coding services.

Experienced companies will be up to date with the changing ICD-10 and CPT coding standards.

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