Growing Significance of Mobile Applications for Healthcare Industry

by | Published on Aug 13, 2013 | Healthcare News

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Medical mobile applications are empowering physicians as well as patients and playing an important role in the healthcare system. Mobile apps have changed the way diseases are diagnosed, monitored and the way healthcare services are delivered. A recent survey from the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society reports that more doctors are using mobile technology for patent care as well as to monitor data.

Mobile medical applications can perform a wide variety of functions, allowing physicians to view radiology images, vital signs, instant heart rhythm checks (ECG), and more on their handheld devices.

New technology is also patient- and consumer-friendly, and can empower patients with knowledge about their health. According to a Deloitte’s Survey 2012, the number of mobile device users who downloaded at least one mHealth app increased two-fold between 2011 and 2012. These apps can help you monitor calorie intake, helping patients to monitor and maintain their health, get appointment reminders, schedule appointments, view blood pressure readings – in short, take more responsibility over their own health.

Some of the main benefits that these mobile medical apps offer are

  • Allows physicians to connect directly with patients even when they are not in office.
  • Patients can connect with physicians anytime easily using one-touch calling app features
  • A medical app allows physicians to pre-screen and prepare for medical issues seeing the patient
  • Physicians can send instructions to the patients with regard to preparing for surgery or some other treatment procedure as well as offer tips on follow-up care
  • Physicians can inform patients about new specializations, promotional offers, and discounts
  • Physicians can create a blog tab to share news and tips with their patients

Healthcare business process outsourcing companies develop mobile medical applications to suit the specific needs of their clients. A provider with vast experience in the field can provide physicians with customized mobile applications to enhance practice productivity and efficiency.

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