Improve Practice Performance with Medical Record Audit

by | Published on Nov 14, 2012 | Medical Outsourcing

Medical Record Audit
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Healthcare providers have the responsibility to comply with all current regulations and reforms in the healthcare field. This is a field that experiences constant flux and therefore the challenges are manifold. Surely, this calls for performance improvement initiatives in each and every process in the practice.

To identify compliance issues, a medical record audit is the ideal option. An audit or review helps to understand the medical practice’s stance as regards expected compliance and standards. When properly done, medical chart audits help to ensure accuracy and compliance and thereby excellent performance and profitability.

Medical Record Audit — Purposes

  • The review will highlight problems in documentation. This will enable the practice/facility to implement and evaluate a clinical documentation improvement program.
  • Evaluate compliance: an assessment of the medical records will bring to light compliance issues. Recommendations are provided to prevent further risks.
  • Medical record audits are carried out in compliance with government regulations.
  • Errors and inconsistencies in the medical records can be detected before reporting, so that the provider stays away from risk.
  • Medical chart audits help to identify opportunities for physician education and trainings.
  • As QA initiatives, audits help to safeguard the reliability of medical records so that they can be used for present as well as future medical research.

Medical chart audit can be outsourced to a reliable provider of medical review services. A competent medical review firm will help to identify practical solutions to enhance practice performance. When choosing a provider to work with, consider the company’s experience, expertise and reputation. Consider client testimonials to evaluate their service quality. Compare various providers to find the best outsourcing service provider to partner with.

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