Romney’s Medicare Plan Greatly Different from President Obama’s

by | Published on May 17, 2012 | Healthcare News

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Their widely different policies are sure to attract significant attention in both the Congressional and Presidential campaigns

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney are concerned about the distressing financial condition Medicare is in. However, both share greatly different opinions on how Medicare can be saved. In fact, each believes that the other’s policies would actually bring an end to Medicare as it is now, causing serious problems. One thing is certain. The disparities would attract substantial interest in both the Presidential and Congressional campaigns.

The Two Proposals

As per the Romney proposal, the government would donate a fixed sum of money on behalf of each recipient. Future recipients would be able to utilize the money to purchase private insurance or as assistance in paying for conventional Medicare. Mr. Romney is of the opinion that what he offers is “a dramatic change in perspective and philosophy.”

Under President Obama’s 2010 healthcare law, payments to hospitals, health maintenance organizations, nursing homes and other healthcare providers are slowed down. Under the law, the President is also experimenting new methods of providing care, particularly by encouraging hospitals and doctors to partner towards co-ordinated care and see if it is possible to reduce costs and keep patients healthier.

Whichever side is successful in getting public support for its proposal stands a greater chance of seeing its political position reinforced in November.


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