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OSI offers cost-effective and comprehensive DME insurance verification service.

DME comprises important medical equipment such as orthotics, prosthetics, wheelchairs, Surgical implants, Dental implants neurostimulators, respiration aiding equipment, implantable devices, etc. It is important to carry out a detailed verification of the medical coverage of the patient to make sure the procedure involving the equipment, and the equipment itself, is covered. The reimbursement rate must also be verified.

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DME Verifications and Authorizations

At OSI, we have experience in carrying out successful authorizations for hundreds of DME cases each day. We verify the medical coverage of the patient in detail and ensure that the patient receives treatment approval within the appropriate time period, and we also help the hospital, facility or physician to receive the right reimbursement for the services rendered.

Our verifications can be done by calling the insurance company or online depending on specific insurances and the type of information that is needed. Our team can then ensure this detailed insurance benefit verification is updated in to your billing system.

Our Solutions can be Customized

Our solutions are customized according to the healthcare settings of our clients. You can

  • Decide on the amount of work you want to outsource to us
  • Have us work hand in hand with your staff as an overflow resource
  • The turnaround time of the work can be customized
  • Do the verifications by calling or online at the insurance websites
  • Work as an extension to your practice

We can integrate with your existing software system by logging in through VPN or can use our own billing software.

The OSI Advantage

OSI offers many advantages that will help improve the bottom-line for your practice. They include:

  • Timely benefit verification
  • HIPAA-compliant services
  • 24/7 professional support
  • QA for all departments
  • Quick turnaround

Our dedicated QA team monitors the performance of our agents in completing DME verifications and authorizations. We randomly audit the work of each of our agents to ensure they meet or exceed our 98% quality service standard.

Get in touch with us at our toll-free number (800) 670-2809 to put your practice on the path to efficiency. Don’t take our word for it – ask for a Free Trial of our DME insurance verification services so you can experience the advantages yourself.