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Key Billing Features

Team up with Outsource Strategies International (OSI) to be in control of your claims management process and streamline your entire practice workflow. Avoid claim denials and delays and enjoy a steady revenue inflow with our efficient medical billing and coding services. Our key billing features help ensure clean claims and practice-specific services to dramatically improve your bottom line.

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Our team ensures speedy electronic claims processing using your billing software or our own (Enterprise Suite, Practice Manager, AR Interactive, Global Paperless System, Clinical Manager). Get started today with our Free Billing Analysis.
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Medical Billing

at OSI – Distinguishing Features

  • Dedicated team of trained, AAPC-certified coders and experienced medical billers
  • Expertise in medical billing for multiple specialties
  • Excellent QA and compliance programs
  • Periodic training for our medical billers and coders
  • Regular updates to clients regarding coding changes
  • Comprehensive AR analysis and timely claim follow-up
  • Customized TAT based on client requirements
  • We use the latest medical billing software including Enterprise Suite, Practice Manager AR Interactive, Global Paperless System and Clinical Manager
  • Our services are flexible – we can work with our office software or use yours, if you prefer that and login via VPN
  • Weekly meetings to discuss progress and go over reports
  • No long term yearly contracts

Our State-of-the-art Billing Software – Highlights and Benefits

  • Scheduling software streamlines patient registration for your practice
  • Submission pre-check feature notifies errors within claims before sending them. This reduces claim denials
  • Automatic claims notification notifies you of late payments and rejected claims and continues to remind you to close the open loop so as to get a higher return on A/R
  • The ability to upload and search for documents and automatic reports generated daily, weekly, and monthly reduce your workload

Overall, these key features help improve your inter-office workflow and communication, process your claims faster and maximize your reimbursement.

For a clear understanding of our key medical billing features, dial 1-800-670-2809 or send us an e-mail.