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Swift Medical Billing Process

Precision in Coding, Swift Medical Billing Process, and Expert Accounts Receivable Management

Handling the complexities of submitting medical claims and ensuring timely reimbursement can be challenging and time-consuming for physicians. The medical billing process involves an interaction between a healthcare provider and the insurance company (payer). OSI specializes in medical billing and coding, facilitating a seamless interaction between healthcare providers and insurance companies.

Our skilled team adeptly handles the required paperwork, following a systematic, step-by-step approach to expedite the payment process and minimize delays. Our streamlined medical billing process simplifies the interaction between healthcare providers and insurance companies, ensuring that your claims are submitted accurately and promptly. Our key medical billing features help ensure clean claims and practice-specific services to dramatically improve your bottom line.

Benefit from HIPAA-compliant, cost-effective medical billing solutions with 30% to 40% savings on your operational costs.

From precise coding to timely payments, we’ve got your practice covered.
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Medical Billing Process Steps

We generate reports to analyze the financial performance of the billing process, identifying areas for improvement and optimizing revenue cycles.

Medical Billing Process

Patient Registration

Obtain and verify patient information, including personal details, insurance coverage, and demographic data.

Insurance Verification

Verify patient insurance coverage to determine the extent of benefits and ensure accurate billing information.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule appointments, ensuring that proper documentation and codes are prepared for billing purposes.

Medical Coding

Assign accurate medical codes (ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS) to describe the diagnosis and the services provided during the patient’s visit.

Charge Entry

Enter the coded information into the billing system, specifying the services rendered, along with associated charges.

Claim Submission

Focusing on thorough coding, we optimize the submission process to enhance the financial health of our clients.

Payment Posting

Record payments received from insurance companies, updating the patient’s account with accurate payment information.

Denial Management

Address and resolve claim denials promptly, identifying and rectifying issues to ensure successful resubmission.

Accounts Receivable Management

Monitor and manage outstanding accounts receivable, following up on unpaid or underpaid claims to maximize reimbursement.

Payment Collection

Collect payments from patients, either at the time of service or through follow-up communications.

What Our Clients Say

“I’ve had a very good experience with the insurance verification service. I am planning to use other offered services because they are easy to work with and provide great communication.”


Dr. Millicent Brown

“Your service is prompt, accurate and reliable. Thank you!”


Bobbie Jo Turley

“Top notch service. Easy to work with. Fast, reliable, excellent from top to bottom. Strongest recommendation possible!”


Eldon Peters

“Jan and Meghann are the BEST!!! They are responsive, professional and fast! Thank you so much for making my job easier!!!”


A. Jill C. McCrory

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Expertise in diverse specialties


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Need support with accurate claims processing?

The OSI team can help you optimize your medical claims billing process.

Accurate Claims Processing


How do you handle denials and minimize revenue loss?

Proactive denial management is a core aspect of our strategy. We swiftly identify and resolve issues to minimize revenue loss, ensuring a streamlined reimbursement process and financial stability for your practice.

Can you ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

Yes, compliance is a top priority. Our dedicated team ensures that your billing practices align with ethical and legal standards, providing you with peace of mind and a foundation for long-term success.

How do you handle patient billing and ensure a positive experience?

Our patient-centric approach extends to billing. We design our processes to be transparent, clear, and patient-friendly, contributing to overall positive experiences and satisfaction.

How do you handle accounts receivable management?

Our experienced team expertly manages accounts receivable, overseeing outstanding payments and following up on unpaid or underpaid claims to maximize reimbursement for your practice.