Pharmacy Prior Authorization

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There are many prescriptions that may not be covered by insurers without pre-authorization or prior authorization. To obtain Pharmaceutical prior authorizations it may be necessary to prove that the medication is medically necessary and appropriate for the patient. Insurance plans require prior-authorizations (PA) for some drugs or medications needed for infusion therapy, combination drugs, and certain other expensive medications. Obtaining authorizations before dispensing certain medications will guarantee payments and makes sure your patients understand the cost of the prescriptions.

Free up your staff to work on getting the medications to patients timely.  Ask us about our free pharmacy medication authorization trial. Call: (800) 670-2809.

Pre-certs with insurers are often a very time consuming task for pharmacists, staff and patients at their provider’s office. At Outsource Strategies International (OSI), we understand that any delay in prior authorization can also delay patients’ access to treatments and medicine. We are experienced in providing pharmacy prior authorization services for all pharmaceutical prescriptions and requests.

Our prior authorization (PA) support team works throughout the day making sure that we keep our clients ahead of their schedule. We will complete the appropriate documentation and obtain the approval for medications. Our pharmacy benefit verification services are designed to instantly verify patient coverages, drug costs, copays, deductibles, and other plan details.

Pharmacy Pre-Authorization and Benefit Verification

Often, prior authorization is necessary for the following reasons,

  • Drugs that have dangerous side effects
  • Drugs that are harmful when combined with other drugs
  • Drugs that are used only for certain health conditions
  • Drugs that are often misused or abused
  • Drugs that are prescribed to treat a non-life threatening medical condition
  • Drugs that a doctor prescribes when less expensive drugs might be available.

Our pre-authorization team members are experienced in completing this paperwork accurately and quickly allowing patients rapid access to their prescribed drugs. We will contact and coordinate by phone with the correct insurance company to get prior approval for all medications you prescribe.

We ensure that your patients qualify for insurance coverage for the medications you prescribe!

What Makes Our Pharmacy Pre-Authorization Unique?

  • Dedicated pre-authorization and verification specialists
  • No long-term yearly contracts
  • HIPAA-compliant services
  • We will call and get pre-authorization
  • No setup fees or training costs
  • 30% to 40% reduction in operational costs
  • Eligibility verification performed in real-time
  • Faster turnaround time
  • Dedicated team leader
  • We work as an extension to your business

Reduce administrative hassles for your staff!

We maximize your patient-care support as well! To learn more and get a free trial from our pharmacy prior authorization services, call (800) 670-2809.