ICD-10 Codes Used For Billing Allergic Rhinitis [Infographic]

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Regarded as one of the most chronic conditions worldwide, allergies occur when your immune system reacts to a foreign substance – such as pollen, bee venom, molds, animal dander, latex, insect stings or even certain food items. Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory disorder of the nasal mucosa induced by allergen. There are two main types of allergic rhinitis: seasonal and perennial. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis can vary, depending on the type and severity of your allergies.

Common symptoms include – sneezing and coughing, swollen eyes, runny/stuffy nose, itching (mostly eyes, nose, mouth, throat and skin), and hives and dark circles under your eyes. Documentation of these symptoms is important both to ensure proper patient care and for medical billing purposes. Medical billing companies can support specialists providing treatments for such disorders by helping them submit error-free claims and get reimbursed on time.

Check out the infographic below

Allergic Rhinitis

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