Running A Dental Practice? How Important Is Insurance Verification?

by | Published on Jan 3, 2022 | Dental Insurance Verification

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It is essential for dental practices to ensure that their patients are provided high-quality treatment, and also that dental insurance verification is carried out smoothly because it has a significant impact on patient experience. Dental eligibility verification is the very important primary step because this helps determine whether a patient can afford the treatment or not. Any error or delay in dental insurance eligibility verification can hamper patient retention and bring bad reputation for the clinic.

Dental practices rely on dental insurance verification services for effective and accurate reporting of various services provided to their patients.

Why Is Insurance Verification Central for Dental Practices?

    • Analyzing benefit information of the patient prior to providing treatment is very important to avoid claim denials and delays for treatments or services provided to patients. The patient should have active coverage. If the verification is done erroneously, it can lead to delayed payments and claim denials.
    • Prior to offering a treatment, it is essential to know whether a particular patient is covered under the scheme.
    • Also, dental practices can receive payments for the services rendered. Eligibility verification also helps determine the patient’s share of the hospital charges.
    • Through dental insurance verification, dental practices can make their patients aware of the costs they could incur for the required treatment, and patients can choose the best course of action under their own discretion.

Why Should You Consider Hiring Dental Insurance Verification Companies?

The policy coverage and terms used in dental insurance are different and trickier when compared to that of standard health insurance.  Also, these policies may be handled by a provider other than the primary insurance provider. An average patient may not be able to comprehend complex insurance strategies and it is not advisable to make them spend their valuable time before the customer service representative providing details about their insurance policies. Hiring support staff for insurance verification may not be financially viable and this can negatively impact the patient care offered.

Dental practices will be in poor light if they make a patient undergo a costly dental treatment which is not covered under their scheme as this will harm the patient experience. When insurance verification is handled by dental practices on their own, they might get overwhelmed by the complexity of the task.

Therefore, a better option is to associate with dental insurance verification companies that can check the eligibility of the patients with the respective insurance companies. This gives healthcare providers clarity on the patient’s coverage and payment obligation. This benefits both the dental practices and the patients.

Benefits of Hiring a Dental Insurance Verification Company

      • Accurate documentation of patient details
      • Accurate verification of patient details like patient ID, coverage period and benefit information
      • Ensures reimbursement of claims in a timely manner
      • Helps healthcare providers to submit clean claims
      • Helps avoid claim resubmission
      • Optimize revenue cycle
      • Improve patient satisfaction
      • Ensure rapid determination of prior authorization which eases the responsibilities of the dental practice
      • Prompt submission of paperwork

The insurance verification process is a cumbersome task and can affect the quality of the services provided by dental practices. By hiring a dental insurance verification company, dental practitioners and their staff need not divert valuable time and energy calculating patients’ benefits and claims.

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Amber Darst is our Solutions Manager in the Healthcare Division, Practice and RCM. With a rich background in dental services, her expertise ranges from insurance coordination to office management.

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