Gastroenterology Medical Coding

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Gastroenterology Medical Coding
Are you aware of the changes introduced to the lower endoscopy codes and the major revision to enteroscopy? You need to know how to code for new and emergent GI technologies if you are to receive the right reimbursement. Gastroenterology medical coding poses several challenges – there are significant differences between colonoscopy screening and diagnostic colonoscopy, and you may have a tough time reporting multiple endoscopy procedures.

Gastroenterologists can consider outsourcing their coding tasks to Outsource Strategies International (OSI). Our HIPAA-compliant medical coding company serves clinics, doctors, physicians, medical groups, billing companies, and many independent and organization-linked gastroenterologists across the U.S.

Benefit from 30% to 40% cost savings with OSI as your service provider.

Call (800) 670-2809 to discuss your requirements with our solutions manager.

Gastroenterology Coding by Expert Medical Coders

Our AAPC-certified coders have thorough knowledge in the latest CPT, ICD-9, ICD-10, and HCPCS codes. We follow AMA and CMS guidelines at every step.

Here’s how they can support you.

  • Assign proper codes for surgical procedures performed by gastroenterologists such as colonoscopies, esophageal dilations, and ERCP among others
  • They can efficiently handle challenges such as coding for colorectal cancer screenings vs. colonoscopies, documenting the appropriate levels of E/M services, using category III codes for the treatment of GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease), and appending the right modifiers -51, -59 and -26
  • Assign proper diagnosis codes for Barrett’s esophagus, Crohn’s disease and other gastrointestinal disorders
  • Assign payer-specific codes
  • Choose appropriate initial observation care time component codes, prolonged services codes and modifiers
  • Emergency room e-code evaluation
  • Validation of DRG and ICD-9 codes

Article on Gastroparesis Awareness Month published by BC Advantage Magazine

Article on Gastroparesis Awareness Month published by BC Advantage Magazine
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Interested in our Free Coding Trial offer? Send us up to 10 charts and let us code them for you free of cost.

Our medical coders keep abreast with the reimbursement rules of major private and commercial insurers including Medicare, Medicaid, Workers’ Compensation, Aetna, Oxford, and EMI. To ensure quick reimbursement, we use advanced software including EncoderPro, FLashcode and CodeLink that enhance the speed and accuracy of coding.

Core Advantages with OSI

  • Eliminate in-house staff training issues
  • Regular QA checking
  • Daily, weekly or monthly report generation
  • 24/7 technical assistance (on instances that demand such an intervention)
  • No long term yearly contracts