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Reliable Insurance Verification Services

Accurate, Efficient and Reliable Insurance Verification Services

Insurance verification is a crucial process in the healthcare industry to confirm the coverage and benefits of a patient’s insurance plan before providing medical services. Accurate insurance verification contributes to increased patient satisfaction as well as higher reimbursement rates for healthcare providers, optimizing revenue and sustaining the financial health of medical practices.

At OSI, we verify patients’ insurance benefits before the services are provided, preventing non-payments that can impact your bottom line.

Insurance verification specialists at our HIPAA-compliant medical billing company have years of experience in working with both government and commercial payers. They are knowledgeable in various types of coverage and policies, ensuring thorough and accurate verification processes.

We can verify insurance coverage for both federal and commercial plans.

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Why Consider Expert Insurance Eligibility Verification Services?

Patient eligibility verification plays a major role in addressing several key issues within the healthcare system. By confirming the status and details of a patient’s insurance coverage, providers can significantly reduce the risk of claim denials. Proper insurance verification helps in assessing patient eligibility, ensuring that the provided services align with the terms of the insurance plan.

Patient eligibility checks serve as a proactive measure to:

streamline billing process

prevent claim submission errors and rejections
enhance revenue cycle management
free up your in-house resources
reduce bad debt
increase cash collection
  • streamline billing process
  • enhance revenue cycle management
  • prevent claim submission errors and rejections
  • free up your in-house resources
  • reduce bad debt
  • increase cash collection

Reliable Eligibility Verification Services

Our team verifies diverse details including:

  • Co-pays
  • Co-insurances
  • Claims mailing address
  • Deductibles
  • Patient policy status
  • Effective date
  • Payable benefits
  • Plan exclusions
  • Type of plan and coverage details
  • Referrals and pre-authorizations
  • Out of network benefits
  • DME reimbursement
Reliable Eligibility Verification Services

Our Optimized Health Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

Our streamlined insurance verification process ensures that your coverage is accurately confirmed, and any financial responsibilities, like co-pays or deductibles, are clarified upfront.

Our Optimized Health Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

Gather Patient Information

We collect essential patient details, such as the patient’s full name, date of birth, contact information, and social security number.

Obtain Insurance Information

The next step is to obtain insurance information including patient’s insurance policy or member ID number, the name of the insurer, and any relevant group or policy numbers.

Contact the Insurance Provider

Our team contacts the patient’s insurance provider via phone, email, or through an online portal, depending on the preferred communication method of the insurance company.

Verify Coverage

Verification includes checking the patient’s eligibility for medical services and assessing if the policy covers the specific medical procedure or service the patient requires.

Check Policy Details

Here, we review the terms and conditions of the insurance policy to understand its limitations, inclusions, and exclusions. We confirm that the treatment aligns with the patient’s policy.

Confirm Co-pay, Deductibles, and Co-insurance

This step involves determining the financial aspects of the patient’s insurance, and confirms the co-payment amount that the patient is responsible for at the time of service.

Why Choose OSI?

An established medical billing company in the U.S., Outsource Strategies International (OSI) can take care of your health insurance verification tasks, helping you save time and money as you focus on patient care and ensure a happy patient experience.

With us, you can benefit from –


We use your verification form


Dedicated team of verification specialists


Stringent QA processes


Regular reporting


Cost savings of 30-40%


HIPAA compliance


No long-term yearly contracts


No set up fees or training fees

Affordable & Flexible Pricing Plans

Full-Time Equivalent or FTE Pricing Model

In this model, services are billed based on the equivalent cost of a full-time employee (FTE) for a specified duration, usually monthly or annually. Your advantages include:

  • Conversion from hourly rates
  • Predictable costs
  • Transparent billing
  • Management oversight

Fixed Cost Pricing

Like an FTE model, a person is dedicated to your practice. Perfect for a practice that is busy. They work as an extension to your business.

  • A dedicated employee or team member
  • Team handling multiple responsibilities
  • Preset pricing and production guidelines
  • No Start-up fees

Per Verification Pricing

Perfect for a practice that is unsure about their work requirements. This can have per request pricing for eligibility verifications and other functions.

  • Dedicated team or employee
  • Team handling multiple responsibilities
  • A per transaction or hybrid model
  • No Start-up fees
Benefit from accurate, efficient, and hassle-free verification process!
Hassle-free Verification Process

What our Clients have to Say

“Our denials have significantly reduced since OSI took over the process and help us with eligibility verification and authorizations of procedures. I would recommend OSI highly to dentists looking to improve their insurance billing and reimbursement.”



“I’ve had a very good experience with the insurance verification service. I am planning to use other offered services because they are easy to work with and provide great communication”


Dr. Millicent Brown

“Your service is prompt, accurate and reliable. Thank you!”


Bobbie Jo Turley

Practice Manager – Dr. Edward H. Christensen

“Top notch service. Easy to work with. Fast, reliable, excellent from top to bottom. Strongest recommendation possible!”


Eldon Peters

“Efficient, flexible, cost-effective solution!”


Dolan Dougherty

Insurance Verification FAQs

How much do these services cost?

The cost will vary depending on the scope and complexity of the work. At OSI, we have two pricing options – fixed cost (Fully time, part time or quarter time employee) or per verification. Get a free trial before you sign up – call (800) 670-2809 or send an email to

Is the verification process time-consuming?

Not with our services. We leverage advanced technologies and streamlined processes to ensure a swift and efficient insurance verification process, saving your staff valuable time.

Can I monitor the performance of the verification process for our practice?

Absolutely. Our services include analytics and reporting features, allowing you to track the performance of the medical insurance process and make informed decisions for your practice.

Can your services be customized to suit the unique needs of our healthcare specialty?

Yes. We understand that every practice is unique. Our Services are customizable to accommodate the specific requirements and workflows of your specific specialty.

Will the implementation of your services disrupt our current workflow?

No disruptions here. We work to seamlessly integrate our services into your existing workflow, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.