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Swift and Accurate Insurance Verifications and Authorizations

OSI: Your Trusted Partner for Accurate Insurance Verifications and Authorizations

Insurance verification is a crucial process in a healthcare practice to confirm the coverage and benefits of a patient’s insurance plan before providing medical services. Certain medical treatments need to be approved or pre-certified prior to being performed so that they are covered by the insurance company. Managing insurance verifications and authorizations could be a tedious and time-consuming task for busy practices.

At OSI, we understand that identifying patient benefits and coverage for specific medical procedures prior to the point of service is crucial to mitigate risks such as payment delays, resubmission issues, errors, or claim denials.

Our professional insurance verification specialists can efficiently handle this time-intensive task. Our clients include major insurers in the country such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, AETNA, and GHI. With our insurance authorization services, your practice can stay up-to-date with insurance regulations and guidelines.

Experience effortless prior authorizations and eligibility verifications with our expert services!

Benefits of Insurance Verification and Pre-authorization

  • Avoid payment delays
  • Reduce claim denials
  • Boost revenue
  • Improve practice efficiency
  • Reduce bad debts
  • Enhance patient satisfaction
Benefits of Insurance Verification and Pre-authorization

Specialties We Serve






Critical Care






Internal Medicine


Obstetrics & Gynecology


Speech & Language Pathology

Advantages of Partnering with OSI

Pre-certification and insurance verification services at OSI are comprehensive and thoroughly efficient. Importantly, you have no long-term yearly contracts to sign.

Here’s what we do:

  • Call the carriers directly and verify the insurance details
  • Document and record the calls thus saving crucial time for your practice
  • Free up your staff from waiting on hold with insurance companies
  • Work directly on your software or offline
  • Work on your schedule and stay ahead of schedule
  • Stay 3 to 5 days ahead of your schedule

You can:

  • Hire a full time equivalent (FTE) and save on taxes and benefits
  • Get regular reports on completed authorizations and/or status updates
  • Enjoy 30% to 40% savings on operational costs
  • Get an experienced person working on our account. No hiring or training
Advantages of Partnering with OSI

Patient Insurance Details We Verify

Our team verifies diverse details including:






Claims mailing address




Patient policy status


Effective date


Payable benefits


Plan exclusions


Type of plan and coverage details


Referrals and pre-authorizations


Out-of-network benefits


DME reimbursement

We also cover specific codes, surgeries/drugs, Medicare Managed Care plans etc. Our focus is on providing customized benefit verification services. We can assist you with any type of insurance claims; let that be No Fault (Personal Injury Protection), Liability, or Workers’ Compensation.

Our Patient Eligibility Verification and Authorization Process

We begin with the collection of patient details, initiating a thorough insurance verification process to provide a solid foundation for accurate claims processing. We navigate through the insurance landscape, verifying coverage details, assessing benefits, and strategically submitting pre-authorization requests to ensure a streamlined and efficient process.

Our Patient Eligibility Verification and Authorization Process

Affordable & Flexible Pricing Plans

Fixed Cost Pricing

Like an FTE model, a person is dedicated to your practice. Perfect for a practice that is busy. They work as an extension to your business.

  • A dedicated employee or team member
  • This person or team can handle multiple responsibilities
  • Preset pricing and production guidelines
  • No Start-up fees

Per Transaction Pricing

Perfect for a practice that is unsure about their work requirements. This can have per request pricing for eligibility and other functions.

  • Dedicated team or employee
  • This person or team can handle multiple responsibilities
  • A per transaction or hybrid model
  • No Start-up fees

Experience effortless pre-authorizations with our expert services!

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What Our Clients Say

“I’ve had a very good experience with the insurance verification service. I am planning to use other offered services because they are easy to work with and provide great communication.”


Dr. Millicent Brown

“Your service is prompt, accurate and reliable. Thank you!”


Bobbie Jo Turley

“Top notch service. Easy to work with. Fast, reliable, excellent from top to bottom. Strongest recommendation possible!”


Eldon Peters

“Jan and Meghann are the BEST!!! They are responsive, professional and fast! Thank you so much for making my job easier!!!”


A. Jill C. McCrory, Esq.


Why is insurance verification and prior authorization crucial for medical practices?

Insurance verification is vital to ensure accurate billing, minimize payment delays, and reduce the risk of claim denials. This will ultimately contribute to a healthier financial workflow for medical practices.

Pre-certification allows practices to secure approval for specific medical services in advance, enhancing financial planning, and ensuring a smoother reimbursement process.

How does the verification process contribute to patient satisfaction?

Transparent communication about insurance coverage details, costs, and potential financial responsibilities fosters patient understanding, reducing confusion and enhancing overall satisfaction.

Can eligibility verification and pre-authorization be customized for different medical specialties?

Absolutely! Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of various medical specialties, ensuring a customized approach that aligns with specific requirements.

How does your process ensure compliance with healthcare regulations?

Our process includes thorough documentation, continuous monitoring, and adherence to regulatory requirements, ensuring that our client medical practices remain compliant with healthcare standards and regulations.

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